Policy Development

New or revised policies must follow a standard development process, ensuring policies receive all appropriate reviews and approvals:

A visual representation of the steps of policy development: Propose, Draft, Review and Edit, Distribute, Approval, Communication / Rollout

Step 1: Propose

  • End user initiates policy request
  • Policy Justification Document completed and approved

Step 2: Draft

  • VP owner identifies Lead Drafter
  • Lead Drafter drafts policy with input from stakeholders

Step 3: Review and Edit

  • UPP Office reviews policy
  • University Counsel reviews policy
  • VP owner reviews policy

Step 4: Distribute

  • VP Owner or Policy Office distributes to VPs and Deans for comment

Step 5: Approval

  • President reviews and approves policy
  • Signed policy filed with University Counsel

Step 6: Communication / Rollout

  • UPP Office publishes policy on Web

Initiating New Policy Work

All new policy work must be approved by a Vice President or Dean. It will generally require the approval of the VP-In-Charge, who is considered the policy owner and responsible for the maintenance of the policy. The VP-In-Charge, or their designee, must submit a Policy Justification Form for review and approval by the Provost before beginning any policy work. Please contact the UPP Office with a brief summary of the policy need to begin the process.

Drafting Policies

Each policy has an identified VP-In-Charge. The VP-In-Charge identifies a Lead Drafter who is responsible for drafting the policy. The Lead Drafter may draft the policy changes themselves or appoint a designee. Additional edits or language may also come from University Counsel, Subject Matter Experts, UPP, or other consultants.

Review and Approval

After a final draft is completed by the Lead Drafter, the UPP Office facilitates all formal reviews and approvals by University Counsel, the VP Owner, other Deans and VPs, and the President. The UPP Office will coordinate with the Lead Drafter on any revisions. Final approvals must be documented by the UPP Office.