The Office of University Policy and Procedures (UPP) is located within the Office of the Provost. This office provides a centralized hub for efficient management of University policies and procedures on campus. 

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UMB Office of University Policy and Procedures

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Policy Process

View the steps involved in developing or revising a policy, from the initial proposal to the final rollout.

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Policy Request

To propose a new policy or a revision of a current policy, please submit this form with a summary of the policy need and requirements.

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Ask a Question

Have questions for the Office of University Policy and Procedures? Send them to

News and Noteworthy

Launch of the Policy Administration System
October 1, 2021
UMB’s new Policy Administration System has been developed to maintain and standardize policy development, review and approvals. This system replaces our manual process; all policy requests, reviews and approvals will now be managed electronically through the Policy Administration System.

Policies Currently In Development

  • VII-1.40(A) UMB Policy on Contingent Employment for Nonexempt and Exempt Employees (Revision)
  • VII-9.11(B) UMB Policy on Pay Administration for Exempt Positions (Revision)
  • VIII-2.30(A) UMB Policy on Waiver of Tuition and Granting of Other Privileges for Senior Citizens of the State of Maryland (Revision)
  • XI-3.00(A) UMB Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment Policy (Revision)
  • XI-4.00(A) UMB Policy on Clery Act Compliance (New)