The Office of University Policy and Procedures (UPP) is located within the Office of the Provost. This office provides a centralized hub for efficient management of University policies and procedures on campus. 

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Submission of Policy and Procedure Proposals

All policy and procedure proposals must be submitted through the UMB Policy Administration System for review and processing by the UMB Office of Policy and Procedures. Please use the policy request link above to submit all proposals or revisions.

Policy and Procedure Updates:

August 2023

VIII-99.11 UMB Policy on SPAC Contract and Grant Billing (Revised)
    • Beginning in Fiscal Year 2023, all vehicles purchased as part of UMB’s fleet must be Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs), pursuant to the state of Maryland’s Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022.

    • The UMB Fleet Manager must approve all vehicle purchase requests prior to procurement, in order to ensure that funds are authorized, the request is appropriate, and the request is in accordance with this policy.

September 2023

VIII-8.00(A) UMB Policy on SPAC Contract and Grant Billing (Revised)

    • UMB bills Sponsors in a timely and accurate fashion pursuant to State requirements and the terms and conditions contained in Sponsored Awards. The method UMB utilizes for generating, processing, approving, tracking, and storing invoices is based on the type of Sponsored Award. 

    • The various types of Sponsored Awards covered under this policy are:

        • Letter of Credit (LOC) Grant
        • Cost Grant or Contract
        • Volume or Milestone Grant or Contract
        • Schedule Grant or Contract
        • Schedule/Cost Grant or Contract

VIII-8.00(A) UMB Policy on Collections of Sponsored Receivables (Revised)

    • UMB bills external contracting and granting entities pursuant to State requirements and the terms contained in the award documents in a timely and accurate fashion. UMB has established methods for collecting outstanding sponsored receivables.