State-Owned Property and Vehicles

Property damage coverage - Provides coverage through the State Insurance Trust Fund (SITF) for repair or replacement costs for sudden and accidental losses to state-owned property, including buildings and contents up to $2,500,000.

The property does not include autos, land, currency or crops:

  • An agency deductible of $1,000 applies. The deductible may be higher for water damage claims. If the cost to repair the damage to a state-owned property is under $1,000 then the department is responsible for paying out of departmental funds.
  • Property exclusions apply, such as theft and normal wear and tear (not covered).
  • Any claim must be reported to the Maryland State Treasurer's Office within 60 days or liability will be denied. 
  • Building Claim Instructions
  • Insurance Claim Inventory Sheet

Auto coverage provides liability and physical damage coverage for State-owned autos.