General Liability

Sometimes referred to as tort liability, liability insurance protects the University and/or its employees from liability imposed by law for bodily or other personal injury or damage to property resulting from negligent acts or omissions.

Locations on campus where liability claims most frequently originate are in elevators, parking garages, and on University-owned sidewalks. Most involve a slip, trip, fall, elevator door, or parking garage gate arm. The University is assessed a $1,000 per claim deductible.

As detailed in Annotated Code of Maryland, State Government Title 12, Section 12-106(b) (1) and 12-107 (a) (1)-(5), all claims against the State of Maryland or any of its agencies must be submitted, in writing, by the claimant to the Claims Unit-Insurance Division of the Maryland State Treasurer’s Office within one year after the injury to person or property using the Notice of Claim Form. The letter should concisely describe the detail of the alleged incident including the date, time, exact UMB location, and a description of damage or injury.

The letter should be addressed to:

Maryland State Treasurer's Office
Goldstein Treasury Building
80 Calvert Street
Annapolis, Maryland 21401 

EHS Risk Management must be notified of the incident, regardless of whether the claimant wishes to file a claim. The department should make every effort to have the UMB Police respond and complete a report. It is essential that the incident be investigated and the facts documented. To report/document an incident, please use the Adverse Incident Report.

If the incident is the result of an urgent, safety-related situation, immediately contact University Police (911) and ask them to contact EHS.