Monday 8/30: "When There Are No More Powdermilk Biscuits"- This session deals with tips and techniques on how to walk into a room full of    strangers, introduce yourself, and carry the conversation.  Register

Tuesday 8/31: "Resume Redux" – Learn how to best market your credentials and showcase your skills with effective resúmé and cover letter tips!  Register

Wednesday 9/1: "Overcome Writer's Block" - Tips to Help You Confront the Blank Page - Participants will learn about a number of methods to overcome writer's block, including free writing, journaling and brain-storming. Participants will have a chance to try several writing exercises and participate in discussion about their writing challenges.  Register

Thursday 9/2: "How to Eliminate Wordiness" - Too many people think the more words the better. Nothing could be more self-defeating! This workshop is designed to help students replace wordy phrases with precise ones; use concise expressions that are not redundant; and avoid repetitious words, phrases or clauses. Participants will complete practice exercises on eliminating wordiness.  Register