Writing Center Staff


Clancy Clawson

Clancy earned both his BA and MA in English from Brigham Young University, where he also taught composition and worked as a writing tutor. Besides writing, Clancy's academic interests include rhetoric, philosophy, and critical theory. He also enjoys traveling and recently completed a month-long journey from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, to Panama City, Panama, by bus.  


Sirah Ali

Sirah Ali recently graduated from Towson University with a BS in psychology and is now pursuing a MS in the Clinical Nurse Leader Program. Her writing specialties include APA style citations, technical and creative writing, and essay organization. Sirah has many hobbies and loves to explore. In particular, she enjoys interacting with people from all backgrounds and traveling both near and abroad.  

Jocelyn Broadwick

Jocelyn is a writer from Baltimore, Maryland. She is studying to receive a MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College. She is also working on her first book about what it is like to be married at this time in our culture. Jocelyn likes to travel. She lives with her husband and kitten in Highlandtown.

Ladam Kuang

Ladam is a dental student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore who enjoys music and writing. She believes that helping others through the writing process is a great opportunity to learn about different people and their passions. Ladam aims to see the world and influence as many as she can along the way. 

Liz Omberg

Liz is a foundation student at the School of Social Work. She earned her BA in sociology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. In the time in between undergrad and graduate school, she was a teacher for middle school boys with ADHD and high-functioning autism. In her spare time, she likes to cook vegetarian food, travel to Europe, and play with her basset hound.

Prarthana Ravishankar

Prarthana Ravishankar is currently pursuing her MS in molecular medicine after having completed her undergraduate degree in engineering in India.  Writing has been one of her long-time passions. She was a very keen and avid blogger during high school and nourished her technical writing skills in college by helping PhD students improve their papers. Her other interests include travelling, hiking, and meeting new people from different countries.

Ashley Sauers

Ashley Sauers is currently working on her Master of Social Work with a concentration in clinical mental health. She graduated with a BA in sociology and a minor in Spanish from SUNY Oswego. During undergrad, Ashley also had one of her articles published in a peer-reviewed liberal arts journal. When she’s not busy on campus, she enjoys weightlifting, taking photos, and going to the Charles Theater.