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Congratulations Graduates!

Uniting Students
The USGA helps student from all UMB work together towards common goals.  To this end, we, with the help of the school student government Presidents, have put together a comprehensive list of student organizations.  In addition, this list has been sorted to help you identify student groups that have interests that parallel yours interests.  This is a new and valuable resource that can help unite and synergize the efforts of our student body. Click on the link "UMB Student Organizations" to find this list

The USGA also hosts many events during the year in which students from all schools are invited! Take these opportunities to get eat food, meet up with friends BUT also mix and mingle with students from other schools!! Our past events include a Fall O's Bullpen party, Halloween Social with costume contest and Student Appreciation Luncheon.

Making it happen
Students who budget time wisely and allocate time to extracurricular activities have a more enriched college experience.  If you use your time judiciously, you may just find you have some time to gain volunteer and leadership experience.

Issues that affect YOU
In regards to the Caravan service, please use our link to Caravan issues page to submit any issues/concern/suggestions you have to improving our Carvan Service.

Join other UMB students in helping our community
USGA Pennington Outreach Group is a service group stemmed from one of our alumni USGA senators Cannella Pennington. This group plans and hosts many different service events in which students from all the campuses are invited and encourgaged to participate in! For more information about USGA Pennington activities, please contact Lindsey Marable (USGA VP). GET INVOLVED!

What do YOUR USGA senators and representatives do?
USGA is proud to publish its USGANews and USGA Recap to help keep YOU informed about what happens in schools around the campus and keep YOU informed about what YOUR representatives do for you. All students are invited and welcome to attend each of our USGA senate meetings (the schedule is listed under the agendas/minutes link). If you can't attend, ask your Senator about what happens at the meetings or tell your Senator about issues you think the USGA should get involved in with our campus. Let us work for you!



Good Luck Graduates!! and Congrats :)

USGA Senator Retreat
date: September 6, 2008
time: TBD
place: TBD

USGA Senate Meeting
date: Wed Sept 10, 2008
time: 5:30pm
place: 2nd fl Student Center

USGANews Announcements
please submit all campus-wide announcements to our submissions page by Fridays 5pm.

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