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What is the USGA?
USGA stands for University Student Government Association.

The USGA is a campus-wide student government that represents the UMB students on campus.  It consists of Student Senators who are elected each year to represent the different professional schools at monthly meetings (usually the second Wednesday of each month).  The USGA Senate meetings center around issues and events that involve all UMB schools and their respective students.  

What does the USGA do?
The USGA works towards enhancing the quality of life for all UMB students. It addresses student concerns that may arise throughout the school year, such as parking and safety issues.  Furthermore, the USGA promotes the free exchange of ideas and advocates for student rights.  It financially co-sponsors events that provide campus-wide educational, cultural, and social programs.  The USGA also provides several stress relieving and fun-time activities where students from different schools and programs can meet each other such as our free student appreciation luncheons, Fallfest, social nights, mixers and much more!

How can I get involved?
All students are welcome to particpate in all USGA events and attend our monthly USGA Senate meetings (see calendar) to get involved with the issues discussed or in USGA event planning.  Meetings are held in the Multi-Purpose Room on the second floor of the Student Center @ 222 N. Pine Street.  

Stay informed and checking back to the USGA website ( for updates and announcements. 

How do I contact the USGA?
Feel free to contact any of the Executive Board Officers, Senators, or your USGA Advisors Jill Venezian and Cynthia Rice (6-7117/6-7114).   

“Working to Enhance the Quality of Life for ALL UMB Students!”  

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