USGA Orioles vs Red Sox Bullpen Party - Camden Pub

Cheer on the American League East leading Orioles as they take on the long time rival Boston Red Sox at Camden Yards! ***This is not UMB Night at Camden Yards***

Pickup times for game tickets and wristbands for the USGA Bullpen Party are as follows and you must attend one distribution time:

  • Wed, Sept 17 from 3 - 7 pm in SMC Campus Center Room 115
  • Thurs, Sept 18 from 12 - 2 pm in SMC Campus Center Room 115
  • Thurs, Sept 18 from 5 - 7 pm in SMC Campus Center Room 223
  • Fri,   Sept 19 from 12 - 2 pm in SMC Campus Center Room 115
Bullpen Date: Fri, Sept. 19, 2015
     *Ticket & wristband are required to attend the USGA Bullpen Party. The Orioles game ticket get you into Camden Yards and the wristband into the Camden Pub Bullpen party

Bullpen Location: Camden Pub (bullpen party) & Camden Yards (baseball game)
      ***REMINDER: The food and drinks will be served on Emory Street around the corner from Camden Pub in front of the Babe Ruth Museum (216 Emory Street).

Students who bought tickets: Bring your STUDENT IDs and Government Issued IDs. We will have tables set up, please give our reps your name and your ID and you will receive your Orioles game ticket and your wristband for Camden Pub. Put on your wristband Friday and come to Emory Street 5 - 8 PM.
Students who bought guest tickets: If your guest can attend ticket pick up with you, they will receive their game ticket and wristband at that time. If your guest cannot go to ticket pick up with you then you can pick up only your guest's game ticket at ticket pick up. Your guest will then be given a wristband at the door of the Camden Pub event where they can properly be Identified. 
Students who wish to pick up tickets for other students: You may pick up game tickets for other students if you bring their student IDs with you to ticket pick up. However, those students who had their game tickets picked up for them will be given wristbands at the door of the Camden pub event where they can be properly identified.
If you have any questions about USGA events, please contact us here.