Submit USGANews Announcements

USGANews is published every Sunday evening. Submissions are due by 5 p.m. the Friday before USGANews is sent out.

Announcements that have not yet occurred do not need to be resubmitted on a weekly basis.  Announcements will continue to be published until after the event has occurred. 

USGANews does not publish announcements with graphics/pictures or announcements in different colors, fonts, or other formatting. If your announcement was in originally in PDF or Word document form, please copy and paste the text of the flyer below.

USGANews is intended to communicate UMB events, programs, and news to the student body.  We will only advertise events, programs, and news sponsored by UMB students, faculty or staff.  We will not include posts that advertise alcohol (including “drink specials”) or unprofessional content. The USGA Executive Board has the discretionary authority to decide what to post, and reserves the right to edit or change your submission as necessary.  

Is your event co-sponsored by USGA? (if yes, remember to include this in printed flyers and in the content below)*