What is USAD?

USAD is a campus-wide organization designed to increase interprofessional relationships of students from African descent. The organization also is designed to serve as a medium for students of African descent to voice their concerns and increase awareness of the African culture on campus.

What does USAD do?

USAD’s primary purpose is:

  • To address the concerns of students from diverse cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds, with particular emphasis on students of African and African-American descent
  • To serve as a forum to hear and address the collective concerns of students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • To enable students of African descent to network with professional students from all schools at UMB
  • To provide a support system for these students
  • To develop professional leaders within the campus community who will serve as role models and mentors for our youth in the community-at-large
  • To increase consciousness and sensitivity to the needs and issues of students of African descent and other cultural groups

Why you should join?

USAD gives students of color the opportunity to meet and network. If you are looking for an organization to serve as your second home, then USAD is for you!!