Sport Club Criteria

For a group to be considered a Sport Club under the provision of URecFit, they must meet the criteria outlined below. 

  1. The Club must not duplicate any existing Sport Club.
  2. The Club must offer an activity that falls within acceptable safety guidelines, using the RISK Chart (See Manual), as determined by the Sport Club Staff.
  3. The Club must offer activities for which approved space is available.
  4. The primary purpose of the Club must involve physical activity and may involve competition.
  5. The Club must have a minimum of 5 fee paying University of Maryland student members.
  6. University of Maryland fee paying students must comprise 51% of the membership of the Sport Club, and be actively involved.
  7. The Club must be recognized by a national governing body.
  8. The Club must elect a President, Vice President and Treasurer (more officers are permitted) on a regular basis (usually every year).

New Sport Club Proposal

Individuals wanting to become a recognized Sport Club must submit the following documents to the Assistant Director of Sports Programs (

  1. A written statement justifying the potential organization and why it should be accepted as a Sport Club.
  2. A written statement describing the potential Sport Club’s activities and space requirements for activities.
  3. A written constitution for the potential Sport Club.  The constitution should state the structure, classification and proposed operating procedures such as funding sources, indicate 2 club founders, frequency and process for elections. See Appendix A in the Sport Club Manual.
  4. List of requirements to be recognized by the national governing body for your sport.
  5. Written listing of names, phone numbers, email addresses and position of officers for the potential Club.

Once all the documents are received, the Assistant Director will review the proposal, constitution and score the Sport Club using the RISK Assessment (Appendix B in Sport Club Manual) to determine if it meets the acceptable risk management and safety standards of the University of Maryland.

The club founders will receive written notification of the outcome of their proposal. If approved, the students will be notified of upcoming Safety Officer Training sessions, mandatory officer training, and requirements for annual activation. The Sport Club may not engage in any organizational activity until all the annual activation requirements are complete.