URecFit Poe Cup Challenge

The Poe Cup Challenge is a yearlong contest between the different academic schools on campus. The purpose of the Poe Cup Challenge is to encourage friendly competition between students, departments, and schools as they compete in a variety of intramural leagues and events.

For each event, a team has the option to represent one academic school on campus. At the end of each event, team points are awarded to each team based on their finishing place. Individuals within each team will also be awarded individual participation points for their school, regardless of their team's affiliation. Points will not be awarded to a team (or individuals of that team) if that team has forfeited out of a game, event or league.

At the end of the year, the academic school with the most points will be awarded the Poe Cup with a social to commemorate their accomplishment. Winners have the option to proudly display the Poe Cup trophy in an academic building on campus, or in the URecFit showcase.

Current Standings

Poe Cup

Past Winners

Points will be awarded to teams in the following manner:

Event Category




  • 1st: 450
  • 2nd: 350
  • 3rd: 250
  • Individual Part: 10
  • Summer Softball
  • Flag Football
  • Basketball
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Indoor Volleyball

Team Tournament

  • 1st: 300
  • 2nd: 200
  • 3rd: 125
  • Individual Part: 10
  • 3 on 3 Basketball
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Dodgeball

Individual Event

  • 1st: 250
  • 2nd: 150
  • 3rd: 75
  • Individual Part: 10
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Racquetball
  • Three Point Contest
  • Free Throw Contest
  • Sports Trivia
  • Squash
  • NCAA Bracket Contest
  • Women's Flag Football*
  • Fitness 5K*

*Women’s flag football & Fitness 5K: eligible for individual participation points only*

Note: Points will NOT be awarded to a team if that team has forfeited out of a game, event, or league.

Questions? Comments? Contact IMsports@umaryland.edu or 410-706-5857