Beach Bound

A Fitness Incentive Program from February 3rd -May 4thbeach bound

  1. Sign up at the Fitness Desk to pick your goal destination and prize.

  2. Get to the fitness floor, running track or pool to start your miles. You can bike, swim or run (Ellipitcal miles do not count)!

  3. Receive DOUBLE miles for participating in the monthly 5K.

  4. Record each workout at the fitness desk or with a lifeguard.

      Destination Distance         Prize

Bethany Beach, DE

130 Miles

Sling Bag

Hampton Beach, LI

270 Miles

Beach Towel

Hatteras, NC

485 Miles

FitBit Zip

At the end of the competition, we will convert the miles for you.

1 running mile = 1 mile
3 biking miles = 1 mile
10 swimming laps/20 lengths = 1 mile

Miles accumulated outside the SMC Campus Center do not count toward the competition.
Those who reach their goal can pick up their prize between May 6th-10th on the fitness floor.
Once your goal is set, you cannot change it.