Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition coaching can provide you with a safe approach to reach your weight or health goals. Our Dietitian will provide customized recommendations based on scientifically sound knowledge. Working with a dietitian has proven effective in improving health parameters, such as blood pressure and blood sugars, as well as increasing health-related self-confidence and knowledge of how food affects our lives and bodies.

To get started:

  1. Call Eric Barron 410-706-5355 or email
  2. Complete our registration packet.  Bring the registration packet to the first meeting with our Dietician.

To download our flyer for Nutrition Consultation click here

Nutrition Consultation Prices

1 Session

3 Sessions

6 Sessions

9 Sessions

12 Sessions







 One hour session can include:

·         Nutrition history review and assessment

·         Personal energy and nutrient intake analysis

·         Discussion of calorie and protein needs

·         Targeting personal about goals and goal planning

·         Personalized nutrition education

·         Support and accountability

·         Provision of recipes and menus as needed