The Chesapeake Challenge

Swim Your Way to the Bay

Choose your river course and follow the map to swim its length from the headwaters down to the bay. Keep track with our easy to use swim logs and earn rewards based on the river challenge level. The longer the river, the greater the reward!

River Course Options:

Short Course

Moderate Course

Intense Course

Wicomico- 20.5 miles

Big Gunpowder- 56.5 miles

Susquehanna- 444 miles

York- 32 miles

Choptank- 68 miles

Potomac- 380 miles

Patapsco- 42 miles

Pocomoke- 73 miles

Patuxent- 105.5 miles

Little Gunpowder- 25.5 miles

Nanticoke- 50 miles

James- 340 miles

Chester- 28 miles

Rappahannock- 184 miles