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  Hi students!

   Next HANS meeting Monday, February 14th, Noon-1pm in 2nd floor conference room (behind double doors across from Nursing Museum).  See you there!

  Missed our meetings?  Check out our archived agendas.




UM Hispanic Association of Nursing Students

November 2004

1. Syphilis Elimination Project: Dara talked a little bit about her "adventures."

 2. SALUD Cultural Competency Workshop: Finalizing plans for tomorrow's conference.  Jessica Yancey will meet the speaker about 4:30 tomorrow in the main hall, and Kathy Farnsworth said that  the food will be delivered at that time as well.  She will also have name  tags for everyone.   If I am forgetting anything, please let me know.

3. Spanish Language Class: Natasha brought up the subject about bringing a basic Spanish class to the school of nursing.  We all agreed to do research and I hope everyone can help.  We want to see what other nursing schools or medical schools offer, what the syllabus looks like, and who is teaching the class.  

Plus, Angie already found some good websites:

4. Last Meeting:  The last meeting of the semester will be December 13th. 

5. Don't forget the Nurses Ball December 17th and pinning for graduating seniors December 20th!!

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