Flextime at UMB

  • UMBrella Lunch & Learn on Flextime

    UMBrella's first lunch and learn meeting was held on Friday, June 12, in the SMC Campus Center.

UMBrella's first Lunch & Learn meeting covered flextime at UMB. Faculty and staff members got to connect and engage on the topic of work-life balance, specifically flexible work schedules. 


Juliet Dickerson, Assistant Director, Human Resource Services

Joseph T. Smith, MAS, Executive Director, Human Resource Services

  • Basic concepts of flextime and compressed work schedules
  • Review of typical flextime and compressed work schedules
  • UMB employees’ eligibility for these schedules and procedures for approval

About Flextime

What is workplace flexibility?

  • ‌Policies, procedures, and practices that govern an employee’s time, location, and scheduling of their work
  • Formal
    • Compressed work schedules
    • Flexible time
    • Telework
  • Informal
    • Come in late, leave early with supervisor approval
    • Episodic telework

Why is flextime important to employees?

  • Childcare/elder care commitments
  • Avoiding peak commute times/reducing commute
  • Working when most productive (early birds, late birds)
  • Allows for development of personal interests (hobbies, training for a 5k, learning to tango)
  • Management of home/car (repairs, maintenance)
  • Better health for employee and family (doctor’s appointments, exercise)
  • Social responsibilities (volunteering at kid’s school and/or humane society)

What are the benefits of allowing flextime by employers?

  • Reduces turnover costs
  • Recruitment tool — especially for difficult-to-fill positions
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves morale/engagement/job satisfaction
  • Enhances business model by extending service hours
  • Allows operations to continue during unexpected shutdowns, disasters, or inclement weather

Get your questions answered

Please review this presentation for further details about the flextime policy at UMB.

If you need further guidance, contact Human Resource Services, Employee Labor Relations, at 410-706-7302.