Creation to Completion Event Planning Guide

If you are a student, or student organization, below are some tips on how to create an interprofessional student activity/event.

  1. Begin the planning process as soon as possible.
  2. Recruit a core group of dedicated students from various schools to assist with the event planning and promotion. 
  3. Brainstorm with your team members with the objective of coming up with ideas on the type of event you want to hold. For example, is the event exclusively social in nature? Is it designed for students to network with others? Is it an educational event? Does the activity teach participants about another culture?
  4. Once you have decided on the focus of your event, create a name.
  5. Look at the Campus Life Services calendar to see when other events are happening on campus. Schedule and reserve space for your event. Try not to conflict with any other event if possible, particularly one that is being held by other students or student groups.
  6. Once you’ve identified your date and time, reserve a space.
    • Indoor Locations On-Campus
      SMC Campus Center
      Medical School Teaching Facility’s (MSTF) Auditorium and Atrium, email:  
    • Outdoor Campus Areas
      Health Sciences and Human Services Library Plaza (corner of Lombard & Greene Streets) – Contact Aphrodite Bodycomb, x6-8853
      School of Nursing’s Lawn (aka Courtyard) – Email Enjoli Sonnier at
      University Plaza Park (across from the Hospital’s main entrance on Greene Street) – Contact the University Police Operations Division at 6-6882. 
    • Off-Campus Facilities
      Donaldson Brown Conference Center
      Located at 200 Mt. Ararat Farm Road, Port Deposit, Maryland (about an hour and a half away, just across the Bay Bridge)
      This beautiful mansion can accommodate up to 52 people. There is a rental fee. Call 1-800-468-4761 for specific information including fees.
  7. Other important details to consider
    • Is security required? If so, how much will it cost?
    • What type of food will you serve? Food is a great way to attract participants to your event.  Some facilities on campus may require you to use a specific caterer so make sure to research your options.
  8. Once you have your date, time, and location of your event make sure to promote your event.  
    1. For a list of all the ways to get the words out to students click here.
    2. Word of mouth This is one of the most effective means to get students to attend your event. This is also why you need to have as many schools and programs represented on your planning group. You will need someone to spread the word within each class, within various school-specific organizations, and mention it to passers-by. 
    3. Posting Paper Flyers – Most schools and programs do allow paper flyers to be posted in strategic locations within their buildings. Approval must be obtained from the appropriate office within the building, prior to your putting up any flyers. Here is another reason that student representatives from various schools and programs would come in handy. They are more likely to obtain approval to post a flyer within their individual schools/programs, than an “outsider”. The Parking and Commuter Services Office is also very helpful in getting flyers posted in garages located throughout the campus.  Call the Office at x6-6199 and ask if your flyer can be posted. Once approved, you will be allowed to drop off flyers to the Cashier’s Office in the Pearl Street Garage. They will pass the flyers on to the various Garage Attendants for posting.
    4. Digital Ads on the Plasma Screens – Throughout campus, various schools and other buildings have plasma screen TVs on which ads can be posted. Each School/program has its own specifications for how an ad should be made. For a list of digital resources click here.
    5. Social Media – Create an event page or group.
    6. USGA NEWS - put together by the University Student Government Association.     
    7. Campus Life Weekly (CLW) - put together by a staff member in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs. >> Submit here
  9. Divide event day responsibilities.
  10. On the day of your event:
    • Start at least one hour early to set-up.  
    • Make sure you have a registration table and a member of your group, to monitor the table, by greeting people and recording their names and schools/programs. If you are having the event inside the SMC Campus Center you can collect this information by having participants swipe ID cards. This will require you to have a card swiper (which can be borrowed from our office) and laptop (which can be checked out at the time you reserve your room).
    • Welcome everyone and make sure you introduce any of the officers of the organization as well as acknowledge any special guests.
  11. When your event is over, make sure that the room is clean and the equipment is in the same condition as prior to your use.
  12. Assess what was done well and what was not. Have the audience evaluate your event. For a survey example click here.