Waiving Student Health Coverage

All full-time students are required to have health care coverage.

Students who do not wish to retain the UMB Student Health Insurance Plan must file a waiver each academic year to have the charge removed from their tuition bill. One waiver is required each academic year without exception. Once a waiver is received and approved, the insurance charge is reversed on the semester bill. If no waiver is received, the charge will remain on the bill and the student will be enrolled in the UMB-offered plan. Fall semester coverage is from Aug. 1 to Jan. 31 and spring coverage is from Feb. 1 to July 31.

To waive your UMB student health insurance plan, visit:


Deadlines to Complete the Waiver

Waiver deadlines are Sept. 15 for the fall and Feb. 15 for new students in the spring. After the waiver deadline, any student who has neither self-enrolled nor filed a waiver will be enrolled in the UMB plan retroactively to the first day of coverage for the semester. 

  • Students who begin enrollment in fall semester: Sept. 15
  • Students who begin enrollment in spring semester: Feb. 15

Important Information

Students are automatically billed for coverage and enrolled in the plan after the waiver deadline. State law mandates that retroactive terminations are not available. The group must pay the applicable subscription charges for a member covered under the plan until the insurer receives the notice that the member is no longer eligible for coverage. This means that all waivers must be completed on time. If you do not waive coverage by the deadlines, you will be held responsible for all charges made by the carrier. There are no exceptions.

You cannot specify your own start date or end date for insurance coverage. Changes in your enrollment status may affect your coverage (e.g., leave of absence). If you are not certain when your insurance coverage will start or end, contact the Student Accounting office via email or by calling 410-706-2930. It is your responsibility to be sure you have medical insurance coverage. 

Students who waive the UMB Student Health Insurance Plan are solely responsible for all medical expenses and bills incurred.