Incoming Student Requirements

All incoming students are required to personally upload their immunization history to Castle Branch's electronic vaccine record.

This is a free service to UMB students.

Below are the directions on how to access and create your Castle Branch account:

Be prepared. 

1. You will need your student ID number or “@ number” to register.

      If you do not know your student ID number or "@ number" please read instructions below:

        To obtain this ID, sign in to your SURFS account.

        Select “Your Residency may be verified by checking your Registration Status.” The screen that appears will have your student ID in the upper-right corner of the page before your name and above the date.

2. You will need the required immunization and TB history and/or titer results. Click here for your incoming Immunization Requirements.

To create your Castle Branch account:

Click here to watch an example video on how to sign up and use the Castle Branch services.

  1. Please sign in at Castle Branch (
  2. Click on PLACE ORDER.
  3. Click on “Please Select” and then click the drop down option “Family Medicine.”
  4. You will see a list of schools. Please choose the school that you are admitted to and hosts your program.
  • School of Social Work: MSW
  • School of Pharmacy: PharmD students
  • School of Nursing: BSN/MSN/DNP students
  • School of Medicine: MD students, Med Tech students, and physical therapy students
  • School of Law: Law students
  • School of Dentistry: Dental students, dental hygiene students, and postgrad dental
  • Graduate School: PhD/doctoral candidates, genetic counseling, pathology assistant students, molecular medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, epidemiology, forenics science, toxicology, environmental sciences, and global health.

      5. Please choose the “I need to order my Medical Document Manager option” for specific program and follow the instructions.

No payment will be required to process your order.

For your convenience, you may also print off the Immunization Documentation Form from our Student Health website. (This form is otherwise not required to be filled out. It is available only to help you organize/verify your immunization records and TB screening. If you are submitting the form in place of your past medical records documenting your immunizations, it must be filled out by a health care provider. All documentation must be submited directly to Castle Branch through your account.)

You may access your account after it is created at any time to view it and upload updated Immunization history and TB (tuberculosis) screening data.

For questions, contact Castle Branch for help or contact the Service Desk at 1-888-723-4263