The Executive Committee of the Staff Senate manages and oversees the Staff Senate. The Staff Senate is always looking for volunteers to serve and assist on our various sub-committees. You do not need to be a Staff Senator to participate.

University Life

This committee addresses issues that directly affect Staff and their day to day life here at this University. They have and continue to address issues such as affordable daycare, leave donation, seniority issues, time keeping, Staff recognition and anything that affects Staff morale here at UMB.
Members: Nancy Bowers, Elisa Medina, Kate McManus, Kristie Nichols, Ken Fahnestock


The Communications Committee manages the marketing of the Staff Senate to the University community that it serves by contributing to The Elm newsletter, maintaining the Staff Senate website, posting messages of Staff interest to Facebook and Twitter  and to inform staff of Senate happenings such as open Staff Senate meetings and annual Staff Senate elections.
Chair: Yimei Wu
Members: Susan Holt, Mardi Reymann, Amshu Siddalingaswamy

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee participates in and may coordinate events related to improving the welfare of individuals in the local Baltimore community. These events may include fundraising for local charities or volunteer work. Recent outreach work included:  projects benefiting The Ronald McDonald House, the Children's Hospital at UMMS, Veterans Hospital, collecting items for back to school backpacks for local school, collecting YoPlait yogurt lids for Breast Cancer Research, and Cell Phones for Soldiers.
Chair:  Laura Bell
Members: Yvonne McMorris, Susan Holt,  Kate McManus, Bernadette Taylor


The Policy/Legislation Committee reviews all Staff Senate by-laws at the appropriate time, researches by-law issues or potential outcomes of a change. The committee recommends amendments as needed but only after ensuring a change will not compromise the integrity of the Staff Senate. As part of Legislation the Committee or a representative is responsible for tracking all bills, proposals within the state or federal government that may impact staff of the University of Maryland, Baltimore.
Chair: Roy Ross
Members: Bill Crockett, Angela Hall

BOR Staff Awards

Works with the President's office to facilitate the nomination process and review all nominations for Board of Regents Staff Awards from UMB
Chair: Colette Beaulieu
Members: Kiscia Cannon, Tom McHugh

Council of University System Staff (CUSS)

A Council of University System Staff (CUSS) representative will be appointed each session of the Staff Senate or approximately once a year. The mission of the Council of University System Staff is to provide a voice for Staff employee concerns in reference to basic decisions that affect the welfare of the University System of Maryland, its constituent institutions, and its employees. CUSS functions in an informed advisory role in administrative areas and in the functional support aspects of academic matters.
Representatives:  Nancy Bowers, Bill Crockett (CUSS Chair), Roy Ross - Primary Members
Colette Beaulieu, Angela Hall - Alternates

Campus Committee Appointments

Members of the Staff Senate have been appointed by the Senate to the following committees:

IT Steering Committee – An appointed member of the Staff Senate sits on the IT Steering Committee and bring information back to the Senators. This appointment serves as a communication channel between the IT Steering Committee and the Staff Senate.
Representatives: Tom McHugh and Ken Fahnestock

Parking Committee – An appointed member of the Staff Senate sits on the Parking Committee and brings information back to the Senators. This appointment serves as a communication channel between the Parking Committee and the Staff Senate.
Representatives: Angela Hall, Mardi Reymann

President's Outreach Council - An appointed member of the Staff Senate sits on the President's Outreach Council to provide enriched educational, health, and career experiences and opportunities for community children through a coordinated partnership of UMB with local community schools. The Council is expected to foster more interdisciplinary collaboration in outreach efforts to strengthen the social impact of UMB in the local community, create many enduring positive relationships, and engender future Maryland leaders. 
Representatives: Yvonne McMorris, Yimei Wu

Safety Awareness Committee
– An appointed Senator participates in the Safety Awareness Committee and may be asked to contribute recommendations or comments as a Senator.
Representatives: Yvonne McMorris, Mardi Reymann, Bernadette Taylor

University Events Committee – An appointed Senator participates as a committee member of the Special Events Committee to assist in the planning and promotion of campus events.
Representatives:  Kiscia Cannon

Sustainability Committee - The University of Maryland Baltimore recognizes its responsibility to a sustainable future and is dedicated to working diligently to that end. It is our commitment that the built environment of the University will have the lowest impact on the natural environment of any comparable university. We are committed to working toward best-in-class sustainable facilities operations. Our goals include:       

  • The lowest energy consumption rate (Btu / square foot) among comparable institutions.
  • Solid waste recycling rates that are double any legislative mandate.
  • Achieving LEED Certified status for all occupied campus facilities.

Representatives: Bill Crockett, Kate McManus, Yimei Wu

Women's Forum - The Women's Forum encourages life-long learning, professional development, networking and mentoring opportunities. To accomplish this, they maintain a focus on interests and issues affecting women, as women are the fastest growing segment of today's workforce. Their role is to survey, encourage and assist each campus in establishing viable forms of support for women that create opportunities for community building.
Representative: Elisa Medina

Work Life Strategies Committee -  Provides resources for staff and faculty who seek assistance with career or life transitions associated with managing their complex personal and professional lives. The University of Maryland believes that assisting with identifying the options associated with changes will increase an individual’s work satisfaction, work environment, productivity and personal development. This program is based on the belief that employees have primary responsibility for personal decisions and the University of Maryland has primary responsibility for making resources accessible to interested and motivated employees.
Representative: Elisa Medina, Nancy Bowers

Child Care Committee -
Representatives: Elisa Medina, Carol McKissick

Community Engagement Committee
Representatives: Laura Bell, Yimei Wu

USGA Liaisons: Tom McHugh and Jennifer Aumiller

Faculty Senate Liaison: Kristie Nichols