Staff Senate Nominees for 2013-2015 Term

The following Staff have either been nominated by a co-worker or have self nominated themselves.  The statements provided were obtained from their nomination forms.

Voting begins on May 8, 2013 and you will be able to choose up to 9 candidates from the Exempt Category and 3 in the Non-Exempt/Excluded Category for the 2013-2015 term.

Exempt Staff Category Nominees 

Laura BellNancy Bowers
Danielle BrownLeSchell Browne
Kiscia CannonMikki Coleman
James CoxBill Crockett
Ashley CuffiaKenneth Fahnestock
Angela M. HallSusan Holt
Georgios MakrisKatherine (Kate) McManus
Yvonne McMorrisElisa Medina
Jane MichalskiLeslie Mooney
Frank PreckelMardi Reymann
Bernadette TaylorKaren Underwood
Yimei Wu

Non-Exempt/Excluded Staff Category Nominees

Roy Ross

Laura Bell
Laura Bell, Program Director
SON, Family and Community Health
Exempt Staff

"I have worked on campus for 7+ years at SOM and SON.  Through these positions,  I have had the opportunity to work with many other staff across the schools on campus. I bring a background of advocacy through my  previous 25 years of work in the non-profit services field.   I believe that this along with my experience in diversity and inclusion, working successfully with and in groups and my strong interpersonal skills would allow me to serve well as a staff representative for my colleagues. I look forward to an opportunity to contribute to the continued success and growth of our staff and the Staff Senate." 

Nancy Bowers
Nancy S. Bowers, Director of Finance and Operations
SOP, Dean's Administration 
Exempt Staff

"For the past two years I have had the fortunate opportunity to serve on the UMB Staff Senate and on the USM Council of University System Staff (CUSS), the group of non-faculty employees of the University System of Maryland (USM) with a voice in the governance of the system.  During these past two years I have a gained a better understanding of the many complex staff issues and have been truly humbled by the number of committed staff across our campus and the USM who truly care about staff issues and making improvements.

I welcome the opportunity to continue to serve the staff and the campus through my continued involvement with the Staff Senate.  If elected, I will do my best to advocate for staff issues at both the campus and system levels.

Some background...
I've worked on campus in the School of Pharmacy since 1996, first in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science, and currently in the Dean's Administration as the Director of Finance and Administration.  Prior to working at UMB I worked at the University of Maryland College Park as a research coordinator."

Danielle Brown
Danielle Brown, Sponsored Programs Manager
ORD Sponsored Programs Administration
Exempt Staff

"Danielle has served on the Staff Senate for many years.  She currently is the Secretary/Treasurer for the Staff Senate and has also served in that capacity at various times over her tenure as a Staff Senator."

LeSchell Browne
LeSchell Browne, Research Administrator
SOM/Center for Vaccine Development
Exempt Staff

"Civic duty has always been an important aspect in my life.  As a matter of fact, I pursued an undergraduate degree in Political Science, followed by a Masters in Health Administration because of my interests in advocacy and management.  That deeply interwoven strong moral fiber, civic duty, and responsibility has always been a part of who I am.  Being a part of the University of Maryland, Baltimore family has been a very pleasant experience.  I know that representing my peers and being an overall voice to those who are not able to shared theirs will be very rewarding.  I owe it to my colleagues, friends and co-workers."

Kiscia Cannon
Kiscia Cannon, Research Administrator
SOM/Diagnostic Radiology
Exempt Staff

"After being on campus for over twelve years, I have worked in many different departments and have found that UMB becomes a big part of your extended family.  My interest in being an active member of the Staff Senate is strictly to represent “YOU” and feel strongly that each of the employees’ voices are equally important as that of any executive administrative member in the Shared Governance process.  I would like to commit my time and efforts as a member engaging in new ideas with a new energy to get things completed which would benefit the staff of UMB.   I would feel privileged to work on your behalf as an extended part of your family to serve as your Staff Senator and represent your opinions and ideas in the UMB Staff Senate."

Mikki Coleman
Mikki Coleman, Admissions Specialist
Exempt Staff

"I would like to learn more about the UM campus as a whole, as well as, participate in campus-wide meetings and activities."

James Cox, Research Assistant
SOM/Cardiac Surgery
Exempt Staff

"Mr. Cox is intelligent, confident, well-rounded, knowledgeable and experienced.  He would be a welcomed addition to the group."

Bill Crockett
Bill Crockett, Executive Director
Campus Life Operations and SMC Campus Center
Exempt Staff

"I have worked here for the past 22 years and have served on the Senate for over a decade.  I would like to continue on the Staff Senate and be part of a shared governance body that is involved with collaborate efforts regarding the future of UMB and its staff.  The inclusiveness and welcoming spirit that is present throughout our university has been an inspiration to me, and my continuation on the senate allows me to contribute to it any way I can.  If re-elected to the Staff Senate I would hope to better serve our staff by offering support where it is needed, striving to effect change, and working with campus leadership for the benefit of the staff represented by shared governance.  My hope is that I can translate my knowledge and appreciation of UMB info effective and meaningful change for the University and fellow staff.  I look forward to being considered and the opportunity to further serve on shared governance.  I have been delighted to serve on the UMB Staff Senate and hope I can continue to make a difference and compliment its ongoing initiatives!"

Ashley Cuffia
Ashley Cuffia, Library Associate
Academic Affairs/HS/HSL - Regional Medical Library
Exempt Staff

"As an employee of the campus for the past 6 years, I have wanted to take on a more active role than only that of an employee.  I have served on many committees within the library itself and would like to be able to participate in one that is campus wide.  I feel I can make a contribution to the staff of this campus and would like to help in campus wide events and activities that benefit the campus and its employees as a whole. I enjoy volunteering on my own and feel that it would be a great experience to do so with people that I respect and projects that I support.  I would also like to have a chance to have my voice heard and make my mark on campus."

Kenneth E. Fahnestock, Administrator/Director
Exempt Staff

"Having served as a UMB Staff Senator for 12 years now, I have seen many positive changes that have been very beneficial to the Staff on this campus. Over these years I am proud to say that I have enjoyed serving as a Staff Senator and our role as advisors to the senior leadership. Your Staff Senate does work for you! I have seen many instances where the advice offered to the campus leadership has truly benefited the Staff on this campus. Everyone is very busy and luckily there are dedicated Staff on this campus who are engaged and passionately care about things that can make their jobs rewarding and enjoyable. There are also Staff that believe in what the mission of the Staff Senate is and are actively engaged as well in seeing that mission is met. I am proud to say that I am one of those Staff who believe in what the basic mission is for the Staff Senate and wish to continue to serve in that capacity for another 2 years. Please take the time to vote and help Staff members like myself continue the mission of helping the Staff we represent on this campus. I stand ready to continue to serve the Staff and this University. Thank You!"

Angela Hall
Angela M. Hall, Financial Analyst
Budget and Financial Analysis
Exempt Staff

"Angela is energetic, has the affinity for volunteerism, and is willing to partake in the shared governance process as she  begins to learn about the campus and its constituents.  As a relatively new employee, she has the capacity to view the campus with "fresh" eyes and can offer a fresh perspective for campus initiatives.  I believe she will make a great Senator!"

Susan Holt
Susan Holt, Administrative Coordinator
SOM/Department of Epidemiology
Exempt Staff

"I have worked on campus since 2000 and have gained a lot of insight and experience.  I would like the opportunity to be a part of the continued growth and improvements of the University."

Georgios Markris
Georgios Makris, Research Assistant, Clinical
SOM/Diagnostic Radiology
Exempt Staff

"As an employee for nearly 8 years, and intimately familiar and involved with the day to day work in my office, as well as speaking and working with dozens of other employees over my years here, I feel like I have an intimate knowledge of the concerns and wishes of many of my co-workers and hope to make the University a better organization.  As a future law student as well, I have intense interest in participating in the legislative process of the university and making a difference."

Kate McManus
Katherine (Kate) McManus, Director Building Operations and Maintenance
Academic Affairs/Campus Center
Exempt Staff

"I have worked for the UMB for 14 years.  I started with the construction of the School of Law, then Dentistry, then the Office of the President, where I worked on various projects including The BioPark, president’s office renovation and the SMC Campus Center.  I now work for academic affairs in the Campus Center.  For about 3 years I have been the director of events and building operations.  Working in the campus center has also allowed me to broaden the UMB’s environmental programs.  I work with students, faculty and staff on beekeeping in the St. Paul’s cemetery and have begun a CSA here at the campus center.  Since I have worked in so many capacities, I have a broad knowledge of the workings and people on campus.  I feel that I will be a good representative for the many voices in our broad community."

Yvonne McMorris
Yvonne McMorris, Coordinator
Exempt Staff

"I have worked with Yvonne for almost 15 years at the Law School. She is currently on the Staff Collaboration Committee where she eagerly organizes community service activities for us. Yvonne is also involved in community activities outside the workplace. I think the entire campus could benefit from her generosity, her enthusiasm, and her commitment to our campus and the local community."

Elisa Medina
Elisa Medina, Training Specialist
SSW/Ruth H. Young Center for F&C
Exempt Staff

"I am interested in serving on the Staff Senate because I would like to be a part of making the university the best possible place to work.  As a new employee, I bring a fresh perspective to the challenges and issues that the university faces.  Currently, I am a Supervisory Coaching and Training Specialist at the School of Social Work.  I train and coach child welfare social work supervisors around the state on leadership and management skills.  Previously, I was a supervisor with the State of Maryland's Department of Human Resources.  Additionally, as a mother of five boys, I have personally struggled with juggling my work and life passions.  Because of these personal and professional experiences, I am particularly interested in the University Life Committee, Women's Forum and Work Life Strategies sub-committees.  I welcome the opportunity to generate a productive and enthusiastic dialogue on this topic and to assist in creating effective policies and procedures for working parents at UMB."


Jane Wilhelm (Michalski)

Jane Michalski, Research Supervisor
Exempt Staff

"During my employment of 30 years here at the University I have seen much growth and many changes.  As the University continues to grow and expand beyond the historic border of Martin Luther King Blvd., there will be more need of infrastructure and communications to keep the campus unified.  I am a research laboratory supervisor in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology and it would be a privilege to serve on the staff senate to represent your concerns and advocate your needs."

Leslie Mooney
Leslie Mooney, Marketing Specialist
ORD/Office of the VP
Exempt Staff

"Ms. Mooney is a mover and a shaker on campus, especially given her position at the BioPark.  She would be a welcomed addition to the Staff Senate."

Frank Preckel, Systems Administrator
CITS Operations
Exempt Staff

"The success of President Jay A. Perman, M.D. and his senior leadership depends on the employees of this University, thus it is incumbent upon us as employees to present our views, concerns, and perceptions. Dr. Perman’s commitment to the availability and security of information in his strategic plan will benefit from my MS in Information Security, my MBA in corporate governance, and my Masters in Criminal Justice that explores social behavior. The faculty, students, employees, and the leadership of this university will also benefit from my impartial and balanced approach to ensuring that privacy and individual rights are respected while access to technology remains indiscriminate. As a former Senator for Student Government at the University of Washington, my proven track record advising the Chancellor to make informed decisions is evidence of my collaborative approach towards favorable ends. Thank you for your vote of confidence to volunteer my skills to the University for our mutual benefit."

Mardi Reymann
Mardi Reymann, Research Laboratory Manager
SOM/Med Geographic Medicine
Exempt Staff

"Mardi is smart, witty and ambitious, a perfect fit for the Staff Senate."

Roy Ross
Roy A. Ross
Facilities Management
Non-Exempt/Excluded Staff

"I would like to continue my efforts to support our staff here at UMB.  Our voice is critical in addressing our staff concerns and issues to the President and senior leadership.  Having a voice at the table is a first step toward collaboration and partnership with our UMB community, providing insight on numerous issues that may be of concern and resolving those issues through partnership and teamwork."

Bernadette Taylor
Bernadette Taylor, Operations Manager
Facilities and Operations
Exempt Staff

"Bernadette is very involved in the affairs at UMB.  She is very qualified and very informative.  She takes her job seriously and the welfare of her peers is very important and reflective how she treats everyone.  She commits herself 100% whatever her hands find to do or assigned."

Karen Underwood
Karen Underwood, Research Assistant
Exempt Staff

"Karen is smart, humorous, innovative and ambitious, exactly the type of person needed for Staff Senate."

Yimei Wu
Yimei Wu, Manager of Faculty Affairs & Special Projects
SOM/Department of Epidemiology
Exempt Staff

Yimei served as the Communications Chair of the Staff Senate this past year and accomplished several goals including:

1. Worked with Office of External Affairs (OEA) to put out a new look for our website -

2. Created a presentation for new employees to learn about the Staff Senate during orientation

3. Contributed Staff Senate columns in the monthly UM VOICE newsletter

4. Worked with OEA to design and produce PR materials (cards, poster, information sheet)

5. Worked with Tom McHugh and Office of Planning & Accountability to design and deploy a survey to seeking staff input on prioritizing issues

6. Staffed and coordinated booths at 3 campus events for staff senators to meet constituents face-to-face

7. Maintained and grew Staff Senate social media (Facebook, Twitter) 

If elected and able to serve again,my goals are to: 1) explore a staff discount card for local businesses 2) increase efforts to connect UM staff as a community, and 3) start of group of staff senate "council" volunteers, allowing more people to be involved with making this the best university campus to work for.