Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members and Their Duties:

Kate McManus,, Chair
Presides at all meetings of the Senate, finalizes the agenda of each Senate meeting, serves as chief liaison with the UMB President and performs other duties as assigned by the Senate.

Colette Beaulieu, Vice-Chair
Serves in the absence of the Chair, serves as Senate parliamentarian, and performs other duties as assigned by the Senate.

Bernadette Taylor, Secretary
Responsible for recording and distributing minutes, maintains all records of the Senate, monitors the Senate’s budget and reports on its fiscal status to the Executive Committee/Senate, and performs other duties as assigned by the Senate.

Carl Jackson, Member at Large
Serves on the Executive Committee and performs duties as assigned by the Senate.

Carol McKissick, Past-Chair
Serves as an advisor to the Executive Committee in order to provide continuity and perform other duties as assigned by the Senate.

The officers will be elected by the Senate membership for a term of one (1) year by written or voice nomination during the last regular scheduled meeting of each year. The elections for the 2014-2015 officers will take place at the last official working meeting (closed) of the term  and will serve till the end of that term.

The Executive Committee shall meet a minimum of five (5) times during each term year. The Executive Committee shall fulfill the following functions:

  • Set the agenda for Senate meetings;
  • Prepare and submit reports on the work of the Senate to the UMB President, CUSS and the UMB campus community;
  • Be a point of contact with the UMB President;
  • Recommend to the Senate the establishment, composition and responsibilities of standing and/or special committees; fill irregular vacancies on committees, and recommend participation in campus committees;
  • Manage the Senate's annual operating budget as provided for the costs of duplicating, printing, mailing, supplies, etc.; and
  • Perform such functions as given by the Senate.