SIMS User Training

There are two types of training that are prerequisite to obtaining a SIMS user account:

1) A half-day instructor-led class entitled Introduction to SIMS (a.k.a. Banner Navigation)

Prospective SIMS users can self-enroll to take the Introduction to SIMS/Banner Navigation class at the ETG Training and Enrollment page

Practice using the course files online (OnDemand Player for PC)

2) An online PowerPoint presentation on the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), upon which Federal education funding is conditioned.

  1. The PowerPoint presentation on FERPA can be found at
  2. After reviewing this online presentation you must print out the last screen, sign it, and submit it to the SIMS Project Manager.  (This screen/page contains a statement that you agree to comply with federal regulations and UMB policy on the proper use and protection of student records and student privacy.)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In addition to taking the Introduction to SIMS class and the online FERPA training, prospective new users of SIMS must also submit a completed and signed SIMS User Request Form.  The completed--and appropriately signed--form can be sent or faxed to:

SIMS Application Managers – Fax: 410-706-1500
601 W. Lombard St.
Rooms 430 E or F

If you have any questions about SIMS training that are not answered on this page feel free to contact Sarah Steinberg, Training Specialist, or Brook Botvin, Manager, of the Enterprise Training Group.