SIMS Password Guidelines

Minimum Password Length

  • Your password must be a minimum eight (8) characters in length.


  • Your password will expire every ninety (90) days.
  • Passwords that have not been changed after 90 days will be locked.
  • Users who have not logged into SIMS within a year will have their SIMS account deleted. To regain access, please complete the SIMS User Request Form. This form will have to be resubmitted by your SIMS User Access Area Owner.


  • Passwords are not case sensitive.
  • Your password must contain at least one (1) number and no more than two (2) consecutive identical characters and no leading or trailing blanks.
  • Your password must only contain characters: A-Z, 0-9. No other special characters.

Account Lockout

  • Your SIMS account will be locked after five (5) unsuccessful logon attempts. You can email the IT Help Desk to have your SIMS account unlocked.

Forced Password Changes

  • You will have to change your password the first time you log on if you are a new SIMS user, or if your password had been reset by CITS.

Password Examples:

Valid password samples:
aabbcc11        gooddog9
Love2Work  hate2work
Invalid password samples:
aaabbcc1       (more than 2 consecutive identical characters)
gooddog        (no number)
slick1              (too short)
fun@work     (invalid special character)