2013 UM shuttle Focus Group Results

The following themes were identified through the UM shuttle focus groups held in April of 2013.

ThemesDeliverablesPerson AccountableStatus/Results
Increase the transparency of shuttle feesThe names of the fee committee members and budget details will be included on the UM shuttle website by Dec. 2014Robert Milner and Jenny Owens
Increase safety and share information with Public SafetyThe findings of the UM shuttle focus group will be presented to Public Safety by August 2013Robert Milner
Educate riders on how to use the NextBus AppA tutorial for NextBus will be created by December 2013Katie Wollman
Explore the lag in NextBus times on the web and mobile devicesExplore this issue by communicating these issues to NextBus by Sept. 2013Tony Green

UMCP is currently looking into the lag in times nextbus is experiencing.

Guest Policy

Publicize the guest policy

The guest policy will be publicized to improve awareness of this service by October 2013Katie Wollman
Routes and Schedule
Decrease the headway on the routes

Decreasing the headway will be explored with possibility of purchasing new buses and/or exploring a possible collaboration with the University of Baltimore by December 2013.

Robert Milner
Expand routes to Canton or Fells PointThe feasibility of expanding the route to Canton and Fells Point will be explored as a long term option by May 2014.Tony GreenThe committee will revisit expanding routes in the coming year with sufficient data. 
Explore the lack of efficiency along the Mt. Vernon route, especially along MLK when returning to campusThis will be investigated to explore why the bus turns on to MLK on the return back to campus by Sept. 2013.Tony GreenIn progress
Expand routes further west in West BaltimoreNot fiscally feasible and no action will be taken at this time.
Extend 702 Mount Vernon Route to Charles VillageNot fiscally feasible and no action will be taken at this time.
Increase summer hoursExplore feasibility of expanding summer hours by May 2013.Tony Green

Status on 5/2013: Complete.

Summer hours were increased to Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. – midnight with no service on the weekends.

The original hours were 5 p.m. – midnight all seven days.

Decrease the layover times for the routes at the Pearl St. hub.Examine the length of the layover times and find ways to reduce them.Tony Green

Status on 8/2013: Complete

For a trial over summer, layover times were reduced and this added several runs to each route each day. This schedule will continue throughout the Fall of 2013.

Send out more effective/frequent email blasts

Conduct a survey of riders to gauge what information they want in emails and use card-swipe data to form a rider-specific email list by November 2013.

Tony Green and Jenny Owens
Communicate more information on the shuttles. For examples, the drivers sharing information and handouts or posters on the shuttles.Create a “How to Stay Connected” poster on each shuttle that lists ways to get information on the shuttle by September 2013.Laura Kozak and Robert Milner

Put UM shuttle signs in hospital lobbies

Make bulletin boards available for the UMMC and reach out to see how we can communicate more with hospital employees by September 2013.Laura Kozak and Robert Milner
Include info in orientations for newly admitted students at each school and create a publication to distribute about parking and transportation options on Campus.Create literature on parking/transportation in HR trainings, admissions packets, orientations by September 2013.Laura Kozak and Robert Milner
Create future focus groups to give riders the opportunity to share their experiences and suggestionsAnother focus group will be held in the spring of 2014.Jenny Owens and Tony Green
Reduce reliance on parking

Conduct a study to reach this topic by May 2014.

Robert Milner