UM Shuttle Routes

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  • For more information on service dates and hours, visit the UM shuttle service calendar.
  • Schedules open in PDF format. Each schedule includes a timed stop listing. You also may sign up for UM shuttle service text alerts.
  • To get specific details on individual routes and schedules please select one of the three routes from the menu.
  • UM shuttle consists of three routes: BioPark, Mount Vernon, and Federal Hill.

Riding the UM shuttle

  • UM shuttle buses are American Disabilities Act compliant, and equipped with bike racks.
  • Valid University or Medical Center ID cards must be presented on all UM shuttle routes. Non-University affiliated individuals are permitted to ride UM shuttle routes when accompanied by a student, faculty, or staff member who has a valid University or Medical Center ID.
  • Disclaimers: Drivers will not stop at unscheduled locations or for late passengers. Heavy traffic on certain routes may cause delays—please allow some variation in scheduled times.