Research by School


Dental School
The University of Maryland Dental School is one of the premier comprehensive dental institutes in the nation with strong focus on developing research programs to advance sciences in dental and maxillofacial field as well as related disciplines crossing dentistry and general medicine. Our research programs center in four broader areas, chronic pain, microbial pathogenesis, oncology, and emerging technologies such as stem cell research and nanotechnologies. We are an integrated part of a broader research community in University of Maryland Baltimore with extensive collaborations with colleagues in the School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy.

School of Law
The University of Maryland School of Law faculty are national leaders and prolific scholars in a wide range of subject areas. From authoring groundbreaking scholarly works in such emerging areas of study as public choice theory and online privacy rights, to publishing the most respected textbooks and casebooks in fields like environmental law and torts, our faculty are producing high impact scholarship. This work enables our faculty to bring cutting-edge thinking and issues into the classroom, and also helps improve the laws of our state and nation.


School of Medicine
The University of Maryland School of Medicine is a world class research institution with a rich tradition of support from the National Institutes of Health and leading philanthropic sources such as the Gates Foundation. The School of Medicine conducts basic science research and clinical research targeting worldwide health problems, such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, neurological diseases, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, trauma, and psychiatric problems. The School of Medicine also has active research and development programs in vaccines, complementary medicine, and in medical devices and technology. Over the last decade we have made substantial investments in core resources and have recruited stellar faculty, putting our 200+ year old institution on the cutting edge of a renaissance in 21st century medicine, collaborative research and translational science.

School of Nursing
Research at the University of Maryland School of Nursing ((UMSON) produces distinctive, peer-reviewed inquiry to shape the profession of nursing and the health care environment. By advancing research, UMSON builds sustainable programs, including collaborative, participatory networks with other disciplines, organizations, and communities. Research is infused into UMSON’s education and practice initiatives.  UMSON’s research effort include two Research Centers of Excellence and three Developing Centers of Excellence which strengthen focused areas of scholarship by providing an environment for expanding the knowledge base, integrating specific education and practice initiatives, and mentoring new scholars.  UMSON had funded research of $6 million and extramural funding of $6 million in FY ’10 and ranks 23rd in National Institutes of Health Grant Funding for nursing schools.

School of Pharmacy
As a top research school, the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy applies an integrative approach to drug discovery and development, innovative patient care, and drug outcomes and their economic impact. Researchers in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences are identifying new drugs to treat drug abuse, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and infection. The Department of Pharmacy Practice and Sciences focuses on clinical research and is creating innovative programs to improve health care at lower costs by having pharmacists provide step-by-step guidance in medication adherence and lifestyle changes to patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes. Researchers in the Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research are providing valuable information on the economic costs and public policy issues that arise once drugs and therapies have been made available to the public.

School of Social Work
Research at the University of Maryland School of Social Work is a strong point of pride for the School. Our faculty research is consistently ranked among the best in the nation in regards to its quality and frequency of publication. Many of our faculty members are national and/or international experts in their area of social work study and are often quoted in the media. Their research is also often cited in scholarly journals.