Temporary Salary Reduction Plan (TSR)

Principal Components of the University of Maryland, Baltimore
Temporary Salary Reduction Plan for FY 2011
June 14, 2010

Click here for the Letters from Acting President Reece to the campus concerning the Temporary Salary Reduction

Principles and Exclusions

  1. The UMB temporary salary reduction (TSR) plan for FY2011 includes temporary reductions of salary for most employees, coupled with paid TSR administrative leave.  Benefits, including retirement, health and accrual of leave, will not be reduced.

  2. These temporary reductions are tiered with higher paid employees receiving larger reductions.  State-support savings will be returned to the State of Maryland; sponsored research funds will remain with the grant; clinical revenue will remain with the clinical program.

  3. Essential services, including class schedules, necessary student services, and patient care activities, will be maintained.  Overtime or compensatory time may not be granted to compensate for the loss of services of employees on paid administrative leave.  Overtime will be calculated based upon the employee’s regular salary not on the TSR salary.

  4. Because of the difficulty of meeting contractual requirements of sponsored research, this plan does not apply to faculty and staff members, 80% or more of whose salary as of June 5, 2010 is from externally sponsored research revenue.

  5. This plan also does not apply to: contingent category I employees; adjunct faculty paid by the course; faculty who are employed in whole or part by the Veterans Administration; student employees; graduate research assistants; graduate teaching assistants; residents; post-doctoral or other fellows; and employees on H1-B visas.  Because of safety concerns, this plan does not apply to commissioned police officers, police communications staff, and School of Pharmacy Poison Center Information Specialists.

  6. A narrowly defined set of research service centers will be excluded because of their direct impact on the ability of UMB to carry out sponsored research.

  7. New employees hired with start dates after July 6, 2010 will be excluded from this TSR plan.


CategorySalary LevelAnnual Percentage ReductionTSR Admin Leave Days
AUnder $40,0000.4%1
GAbove $200,0005.0%13

*Reductions will begin July 4, 2010, and continue throughout the fiscal year.

Paid Administrative Leave; Campus Closing Day

  1. All employees included in this plan will be entitled to receive paid administrative leave days in proportion to their temporary salary reduction as specified in the chart above.  These paid administrative leave days will not carry over past June 30, 2011.  To ensure that essential services are maintained, the paid administrative leave days may only be taken after consultation with supervisors.

  2. The campus is currently scheduled to be officially closed for the holiday break from December 24, 2010, through January 2, 2011.  In addition, the campus will be closed on December 23 when it is expected that most employees will use one of the administrative leave days provided under this plan.  Employees not included in this plan who are not scheduled to work December 23 will need to use accumulated annual, personal, or holiday leave for that day.

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