Our current transportation system is economically, environmentally, and socially unsustainable. Shifting away from our reliance on single occupancy vehicles will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air and water quality, reduce dependence on foreign oil, alleviate traffic congestion, and improve public health and equity. In doing so, we will help to improve the quality of life of our University community and neighbors.

Here are some of our recent efforts to reach the University’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 and improve campus sustainability:

Energy and Water Conservation

  • Reduced use of garage lighting during closed periods

  • Reduced use of office lighting

  • Replaced garage lighting with energy-efficient alternatives

  • Switched to motion sensor toilet flushers and sink faucets to save water


  • Purchased alternative fuel vehicle for the Office of Parking and Transportation Services (PTS)

  • Maintained the following alternative transportation programs: bike cage, carpool, car share, electric vehicle charging stations, LEFE parking, UM shuttle, and Zimride

Waste Management

  • Increased paper, plastic, glass, and metal recycling

  • Recycled alkaline manganese batteries with a goal to make this available at each garage

  • Recycled surplus property

  • Installed environmentally friendly trash bags in all parking facilities

  • Turned in personal department trash cans to Office of Facilities Management to reduce PTS’s overall waste

  • Installed Goodwill clothing bin at Saratoga Street Garage

Support sustainability at UM!

For more information on University sustainability initiatives, visit UM Go Green.