Parking and Transportation Services Staff Directory

Pearl Street Garage
622 W. Fayette St.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you need assistance after 5 p.m. or on weekends, call standard parking at 410-706-4260 or 410-706-8145.

Robert Milner, Director

Main Office

Office of the Director

Sandy Rogers, Administrative Coordinator410-706-6199
Stephanie Collins, Director's Secretary410-706-6603
Patricia Maloney, General Associate410-706-1216

Accounts Payable/Cashiers

Wanda Ford, Office Manager
Katerina Minasyan, Office Clerk II410-706-6603
Diane Campbell, Program Administrative Assistant410-706-6603
Jennifer Maloney, Accounting Clerk III410-706-6603
Pearl Price, Program Management Specialist I410-706-6603
Mary Ann Hicks, General Associate410-706-7748
Raye Alford, General Associate410-706-1216

Parking Operations

Stacy Holmes, Operations Coordinator
Senanu Adih, Program Management Specialist II410-706-1216/1275
Jamie Lucas, Accounting Clerk III /Events410-706-1216/1275

Transportation Services

Tony Green, Manager

Accounts Receivable/Auditing

Kathy Parkinson, Accountant
Sheila Roughan, Accountant I
Kenya Battle, Account Clerk III410-706-6603
Stacie Pardue, Account Clerk II410-706-6603
Syreeta Haskins, Account Clerk II410-706-6603
Dennis Danilin, Account Clerk II410-706-1216

Office of the Assistant Director

Brian Simmons, Assistant Director
Kris Pyle, Revenue Control Coordinator410-706-1216/1275

Maintenance Crew

Scott Wilhelm, Maintenance Mechanic Lead - Daytime
Delray Smith, Maintenance Mechanic410-706-0715
Michael Wiggins, Maintenance Aide II
George Kaufman, Maintenance Aide II
Steven Robinson, Maintenance Aide I410-706-0715
Jerome Robinson, Maintenance Mechanic Lead - Night410-706-0715
Derek Williams, Maintenance Aide I410-706-0715
Bernard Dickerson, Maintenance Aide I410-706-0715
Clarence Moore, Service Worker 410-706-0715