O-1 and PR Sponsorship

UM Departments may wish to hire or retain faculty and highly specialized scientific staff who are non-immigrants and who will not be eligible for U.S. employment due to lack of an appropriate non-immigrant visa. To secure further employment eligibility after expiration of non-immigrant visas, the University, relying upon the strong academic and scientific record of an employee, can join with highly skilled employees in seeking permanent resident status under the theory of outstanding professor or researcher, or in seeking an O-1 visa. These steps require employer petitions prepared by the employee’s legal counsel on behalf of the University and the employee. Legal counsel must be acceptable to University Counsel and designated by University Counsel to be a representative of the University with regard to the petition. Fees and costs are the employee’s responsibility. Deans’ offices must review credentials of the employees involved and certify that the School considers the employees to have the superior credentials required for the petitions to be likely to succeed.

Schools and Departments may seek further information from Dorothy Trueheart-Griffin, Paralegal, in the Office of University Counsel. Phone – (410)706-5353. E-mail: dtrue001@umaryland.edu. University Counsel will assist employees’ legal counsel in preparing accurate petitions.

The University currently (2012) does not sponsor permanent residency petitions requiring labor certification, a more difficult and time-consuming procedure.

Any questions about seeking permanent resident status or O-1 visas should be addressed to Ms. Trueheart-Griffin.