UMB Responds

A Picture of Solidarity

June 22, 2015

‌The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) shows its affection for the people and city of Baltimore every day through its advocacy, clinical care, research, education, and public service.

There are times when UMB’s ties to the West Baltimore community are more apparent than others, such as following the unrest of late April and early May when the University’s Office for Community Engagement coordinated UMB Responds to collect goods for city residents, recruit volunteers, and create a one-stop shop for finding useful information and opportunities to support community neighbors during and after the protests.

An event on June 2 also left no doubt about UMB’s concern for its surrounding community. More than 150 students and staff turned out on a drizzly day to pose behind a massive banner that said “UMB ♡ Baltimore.”

The photo, taken in front of the University’s iconic Davidge Hall, the oldest medical school building in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere, not only showcases UMB’s support for the city but also gives back to local charities focused on rebuilding Baltimore thanks to a joint advertising arrangement with The Baltimore Sun. The UMB ad was the first one in The Sun’s “101 Days & Nights in Baltimore” special section that was published June 14. All net proceeds from the special section go to the city’s One Baltimore initiative, a collaborative public-private partnership to support ongoing efforts to rebuild communities and neighborhoods.  

UMB takes pride in its outreach to the surrounding area. Mentoring schoolchildren; holding job training programs for older residents; helping local vendors compete for University dollars; assisting local entrepreneurs start businesses. It all ties into UMB’s goals of health and wellness; education and workforce; and community and neighborhood revitalization.

As University President Jay A. Perman, MD, said in his June newsletter, “I thank the students, faculty, and staff who work and learn in West Baltimore every day, providing essential services and advocating for greater investment and opportunity in the neighborhoods surrounding our campus. I have no doubt that the incidents of late April and early May will galvanize us as a community and strengthen our resolve to advocate for safety, equality, and justice for all.”

by Chris Zang

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