Executive Board

The executive board meets on a weekly basis.  Generally meetings are held at 5:20pm on one of the second floor conference rooms in the Health and Sciences Library.  If you have an event proposal and would like to attend a meeting, please contact mssa_mail@yahoo.com  

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Samir Jafri
Assistant Professor of Neurology


Farashta Sediqzad
School of Dentistry, 2012
farashta29 at gmail dot com

Vice President

Javod Kazemizadeh
School of Dentistry, 2013
kaze0019 at gmail dot com


May Montasser
School of Medicine
mmontass at medicine dot umaryland dot edu


Reem Dughly
School of Dentistry, 2015
reem dot dughly at gmail dot com

Public Relations

Hasan Ashraf
School of Medicine, 2015
numanthabit at gmail dot com

USGA Representative

Rami Tahhan
rtahhan at gmail dot com


Sarah Ullah
School of Medicine, 2013
sarahullah05 at gmail dot com


Ali Shah
School of Medicine, 2011
ali dot shah at umaryland dot edu

Patient Care Coordinator

Khadiza Chowdhury
ammary dot mow at gmail dot com

Community Service Co-Chairs

Mariam Khan
School of Dentistry, 2015
mkhan at umaryland dot edu
Muhammad Noon
saadnoon at yahoo dot com