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The MSNA BY LAWS can be downloaded here. They can also be read below:





Approved: 11-19-07


Article I               Name, Authority, and Structure      3

Article II              Purpose                                           4

Article III            Finances                                           4

Article IV            Officers                                            5

Article V             Meetings                                          12

Article VI            Elections                                          12

Article VII Procedure at Meetings                    14

Article VIII          Amendments                                   14





Section I Name: The name of this organization shall be the Minority Student Nurses Association of the University of Maryland School of Nursing, hereafter referred to as the MSNA.

Section II Authority: The MSNA of the University of Maryland School of Nursing acts with the authority granted by the Dean and through the Dean’s designee and Faculty of the School of Nursing, and in accord with the policies of the University which pertain to student organizations.

Section III Membership: All undergraduate students of the University of Maryland School of Nursing are members of the MSNA and shall have the right to vote in general elections.

Section IV Voting: The MSNA membership shall elect MSNA officers.

Section V Advisors: An advisor shall be elected annually by the MSNA from among those faculty members, with the rank of instructor and above, who have been appointed at least one year prior to elections.


The purposes of the organization shall be t

            1. Facilitate the professional development and career advancement of all nursing students

            2. Build student knowledge and understanding of the nursing profession

            3.Educate and mentor all students

            4. Work with organizations to address health disparities that impact underserved populations, and Assist the UMAB Nursing Student Government Association (NSGA) in serving and promoting the values and ideals of the University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Nursing as well as the University of Maryland at Baltimore.



Section I Fees: The monies received by the University of Maryland School of Nursing from the Student Activities Fee is paid by each student at the time of registration for each semester. The University of Maryland allocates these funds to the NSGA according to established financial policies and procedures.

Section II Budget: A semester budget will be developed and a formal request of funds shall be forwarded to the NSGA Board of Officers. A copy of the budget shall also be forwarded to the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs or his/her designee. Refer to Funding Guidelines. When a hearing is convened according to the NSGA By-Laws, a MSNA designee shall be present to answer any pertinent questions regarding the request.

Audit: An audit of the MSNA account shall be made annually by the first week of June each year by the outgoing President, Vice President, and the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs or his/her designee.

Section III Fiscal Year: The fiscal year shall be July 1 through June 30.


Section I Qualifications: A minimum grade of C in every course must be maintained to hold office. A student shall hold only one office at a time. To prevent conflict of interest, a student may not hold an NSGA Executive Board Position and be an officer in another School of Nursing student organization.

Section II Term of Office: The term of office should be one year, unless otherwise specified (fall semester to fall semester/spring semester to spring semester).

Section III Attendance: Attendance is required at all meetings. Any elected officer having two unexcused absences shall automatically lose the right to maintain their position. Elected officers must notify the President in writing of their absence prior to the meeting in order to be excused. Attendance will be documented in the meeting minutes.

Section IV Proxy: In the case any officer of the MSNA is unable to attend a meeting; the power of the designated officer may be transferred to another officer of the MSNA.

    A. Duties: The duties of the proxy shall be those of the officer for whom he/she is representing, and shall include the voting privileges associated with that position.

    B. Qualifications: The order of succession for proxy shall be Vice President for the President of the MSNA, Secretary for the Vice President and Parliamentarian for the Secretary.

    C. Permanent Replacement: If the President cannot fulfill the duties of that office permanently, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President and a new Vice President shall be elected. In the case that any other officers cannot fulfill the duties of that office permanently, a new officer can be appointed by the MSNA Executive Board for the remainder of the term.

    D. Academic Standards: Seniors shall be those students with greater than 30 accumulated credits. Juniors shall be those students with less than 30 accumulated credits.

Section V The Minority Student Nursing Association Officers

            A. Titles and Officers: The Executive Board of the MSNA shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Parliamentarian. The voting members of the MSNA shall be all Executive Board members. In the case of a tie, the matter should be resolved by written ballot. There shall also be a faculty advisor. The Executive Board and faculty adviser shall be present at all MSNA meetings.


            B. Duties of the Executive Board:

1. The President shall:

a. Preside at all MSNA meetings.

b. Maintain an updated MSNA logbook to include meeting agendas, minutes of each meeting, budget proposals, and event information. This log shall be considered a permanent record and be passed on to each new President.

 c. Initiate requests for disbursement of funds

    approved by the NSGA.

 d. Serve as an ex-officio member of all MSNA committees.

 e. Coordinate activities of the MSNA.

  f. Represent the MSNA when the occasion requires.

f. Approve standing committees recommended by the MSNA.

g. Inform the faculty advisor and the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs or his/her designee of all meetings.

i. Confer at least once per month with the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs or his/her designee to discuss matters of mutual interest or concern.

2. The Vice President shall:

a. Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President, and any duties as required by the President.

b. Maintain a permanent record of all receipts and

    expenditures. Report the financial status at 

    MSNA meetings.

 c. Provide all receipts and expenditures and the

      permanent treasury records to the newly

      elected MSNA President and Vice President.

 d. Coordinate budget utilization and 

      reconciliation with the Associate Dean for


    3. The Secretary shall:

         a. Keep minutes of all MSNA meetings and

             prepare and distribute copies of these to all

             MSNA officers, the faculty advisor, and the

            Associate Dean for Admissions and Student

            Affairs or his/her designee no later than seven

             days after the meeting.

         b. Maintain a permanent record of all events

             sponsored by the MSNA which will be

             submitted to the President at the end of their

             term of office.

         c. Post notice of all MSNA meetings.

         d. Post minutes of all MSNA meetings not later  

              than one week following the meetings.

    4. The Parliamentarian shall:

a. Act as parliamentarian of all NSGA meetings.

b. Enforcing time limits and maintaining flow of agenda.

 c. Assist the Secretary in matters of public relations concerning MSNA events.

    5. Webmaster

        a. Maintain the MSNA website in accordance with the policy from the Student Affairs Office and the School of Nursing Information Technology Department. Officers of the MSNA will provide content for the MSNA website.

        b. Update all student e-mail address forwarding lists when new officers are elected. It is necessary to coordinate e-mail address forwarding list changes through the Student Affairs liaison.

C. Ex-Officio:

    6. A Committee Chairpersons shall:

         a. Shall be appointed by the MSNA Executive Board. When necessary.

                  b. Attend all meetings of the MSNA.

         c. Coordinate activities with the MSNA.

         d. Submit a proposed budget for request of funds by no later than the eighth week of each semester.

  7. The Faculty Advisor shall:

            a. Be appointed annually by the MSNA Executive Board.

            b. Attend all meetings of the MSNA.

            c. Clarify and interpret School of Nursing and University of Maryland Baltimore policies as appropriate.

            d. Keep the administration informed of all MSNA functions.

            e. Communicate and coordinate with the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs.

            f. Advise student officers concerning appropriate conduct of meetings and activities.

            g. Advise proper channels of communication necessary for activities.

            h. In the case the faculty advisor will be absent, he/she and the President must agree on an individual to take the place of the faculty advisor.


Minority Student Nursing Association: To meet at least once a month. Quorum: Half the voting membership and the advisor.


Section I Officers: All elections shall be conducted by written ballot. officer positions shall be elected no later than the second week in May.

A. The officers to be elected each year are:


Vice President



B. The MSNA Advisor shall be elected by officers immediately after the election of the officers.

Section II Nominations: Individuals seeking office shall be nominated from the floor during the election meeting. Each candidate will be allowed 3 minutes to speak..

Section III Duties of the Election Committee: Appointed by the President. The election committee shall be composed of four students representing all constituents of the undergraduate student body who are not currently running for office.

            1. Sets up and enforces rules for nominations, campaigning and voting for approval by MSNA

            2. Request those interested in running for office notify the committee no later than two weeks before the election is held.

            3. Prepares the ballot.

            4. Serves as chief teller.

            5. Posts the results of the election.

Section IV Voting: Voting shall be held and conducted by the election committee. Voting will be done by voice vote. A motion can be made to conduct elections by paper ballots Students must show ID or have enrollment verified by the election committee to vote. The Election Committee must ensure that students do not vote more than once. Candidates receiving a majority of votes shall be declared elected. A majority shall be 50% plus one of the total votes. Written ballots, if used, will be destroyed two weeks after the election results have been posted.

Section V Election Challenges: Challengers regarding election results or procedures must be written and submitted to the election committee within five school days following the posting of the results.

Section VI End of Year Transition: The newly elected MSNA officers and the current MSNA officers shall meet by the end of the school year to conduct turnover of duties and provide smooth transition.


Robert’s Rules of Order Revised Handbook shall be considered the authority for all questions of parliamentary procedure.


            A. By-laws may be amended at MSNA meetings with a majority of 50% plus one vote by the MSNA membership in attendance.

            B. The amendments are to be presented to the membership in writing and posted at least one week prior to the vote at which action is to be taken.

Approved: Novemeber 19, 2007

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