Schedule and Timeline

Summer 2013

  • ALO receives invitation to attend the MSCHE Self-Study Institute, complete

Fall 2013

  • ALO forms the Self-Study Logistics Team (SSLT), complete
  • Members of the SSLT attend the Self-Study Institute held to orient institutions beginning the self-study process, complete
  • President Perman appoints the Steering Committee Co-Chairs, complete
  • Nominations for the Steering Committee are made, complete
  • USM Board of Regent designee identified, complete
  • Visit for MSCHE liaison is scheduled, complete

Spring 2014

  • Steering Committee Co-Chairs establish and charge the Self-Study Steering Committee, complete
  • Steering Committee chooses its self-study design model, complete
  • Working groups are established, complete
  • The Self-Study process is officially launced, complete
  • The draft of the Self-Study design is finalized and submitted to MSCHE, complete
  • UMB hosts the visit of Middle States liaison, complete
  • The Self-Study design is finalized and accepted by MSCHE, in progress
  • Steering Committee and Working Group volunteers participate in the Self-Study retreat
  • Working groups begin to study the research questions

Summer 2014

  • Working groups continue to meet
  • SSLT assembles and organizes supporting documents
  • Steering Committee and Working Group members attend MSCHE workshops and trainings

Fall 2014

  • The Steering Committee oversees research and reporting by Working Groups
  • Working Groups engage the University community
  • Working Groups prepare annotated outline of reports

Spring 2015

  • Working Groups submit draft reports to readers for review due March 1, 2015
  • Working Groups submit final reports April 1, 2015
  • MSCHE selects and notifies UMB of the evaluation team chair