Kuali Coeus at UMB

Coeus to Kuali Coeus Transition Information

Email to RAC email list of 8/20/14 from Dennis Paffrath, Assistant Vice President, Sponsored Programs Administration

We wanted to update you on the progress of Kuali Coeus.  As I mentioned in my email of August 17th, all of the data from Coeus has been migrated into Kuali Coeus.  We are live with Kuali Coeus in SPA as we continue to evaluate the system and have begun entering new proposals in our office.  The initial issue we ran into surrounding routing maps for existing proposals, is being resolved and the solution is being tested and implemented.  As with other software changes in the past, we will still recommend that old proposals (#22665 and prior) not be copied.  However, we are happy to report that it appears that those proposals created in Coeus which still need to be routed will be able to go through the approval process. 

During SPA’s entry of an initial proposal and review of migrated proposals, we discovered an issue that must be resolved before we open Kuali Coeus to the rest of campus.  There is a bug in the Abstracts & Attachments Tab.  We are working closely with the Kuali Coeus foundation folks to debug this issue and to implement a solution.  However, due to this unforeseen circumstance, we will be delaying the opening up of Kuali Coeus to the rest of UMB users until Monday, August 25th.  We will send an email once the system is available to all users via the myUM portal. 

We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.  Kuali Coeus is very close to being ready for everyone to access, but we want to ensure that this issue is resolved before that happens.  Should you have any proposals due the remainder of this week or early next week, please contact your SPA Team and coordinate that submission. Should you have any questions, please contact me.

Email to RAC email list of 8/17/14 from Dennis Paffrath, Assistant Vice President, Sponsored Programs Administration

We have successfully migrated over all data from Coeus to Kuali Coeus. During our evaluation of the data, we encountered one small issue. I need to communicate that this issue was not caused by our set up or migration but was an issue with code that was provided to us. We consider this a minor issue because it only affects about 30 proposals that had been entered into Coeus prior to conversion for submission in the coming weeks.

For any proposal that had a status of "In Progress" in Coeus and was migrated over to Kuali Coeus, the routing map did not migrate with the proposal. We cannot recreate the routing in these proposals. Thankfully, there is a solution to this issue that will not cause additional work for the PIs and/or departments. Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) staff will create new proposals in KC for all proposals that were entered into Coeus prior to the transition that had a deadline from August 9 though September 9.

Kuali Coeus will go live for the Sponsored Programs Administration office on Monday, August 18th.  This will allow us to continue to evaluate the migrated data and to begin entering the proposals mentioned above.  Our expected date for campus to have complete access to Kuali Coeus is August 20th.

SPA will enter all of the proposals referenced above on August 18 - 21 (order of entry dependent upon the deadline date). We will notify the department when a proposal is entered, passing along the new proposal number. The department will take over the proposal in KC from where it left off in Coeus (completion of the narrative and/or budget, placing it into routing, etc.). By doing so, SPA is getting these proposals to where they would have been if the routing map had migrated over from Coeus as expected.

An important note: At this time it appears that the copying of migrated proposals in Kuali Coeus may not be possible.  As in the past with Coeus, major changes in software can cause copied proposals to incorporate “bugs” that cause errors.  Given our initial look at KC, we believe this may be the case here.  We will provide definitive information early next week.

Note: This information was originally emailed to the RAC email list on 8/4/14 and is being updated as details become available.

The “go live” date for Kuali Coeus is August 18, 2014.

Neither Coeus nor Kuali Coeus will be available from August 9-17, 2014. This downtime is necessary for migration of all of the existing proposals and awards (including all award attachments) currently in Coeus and to allow for Kuali Coeus set-up. Kuali Coeus will be available as of August 18. You will access it via myUM Portal.

Roles in Kuali Coeus:  Roles and permissions are being set up in Kuali Coeus. After go-live, if you have any questions regarding your access, please contact Janet Simons and Doug Bowser

Migration of proposals and awards: All existing proposals and awards in Coeus will be migrated to Kuali Coeus. NOTE: Any proposal with status of “Approval in Progress” will be reverted to “In Progress” and the approval process for that proposal will need to be re-initiated. No changes to reporting via Coeus RAVEN are planned at this time.

Proposals during downtime:  The easiest solution for proposals due during or shortly after the week of August 9-17 is to complete approvals and submit early, or create the proposal in Coeus any time before August 9th, and that proposal will be migrated to Kuali Coeus automatically. Once KC is up and running after August 18th, editing can occur and faculty can upload the scientific sections.

Proposals that must be submitted between August 9-17 may be completed outside of Coeus (Adobe package, sponsor’s electronic system, paper submission) and approval routings will be documented via email. SPA will assist in all proposals during this time so that there will no additional burdens added to your workload.

Training and resources: Dates are being scheduled now. One more clinic for current Coeus users will be held on August 21. New User training clinics will be held beginning the week of September 8. These will be open to new users only. Current Coeus users may register for New User UPK classes when they are available in a few weeks. Approver training is a short (less than 5 minutes) on-line tutorial.

Resources are being posted. Please watch the “Coeus to Kuali Coeus” video (25 minutes) if you have not attended one of the information sessions and/or a user clinic.

Help during the transition: During the transition, SPA is poised to lend special support when needed. As a first level of help, work with your assigned SPA team. Please contact Dennis Paffrath if additional support is needed.