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From Coeus to Kuali Coeus

This 25 minute video captures the highlights of the information presentations made in June/July 2014 to Coeus users. Focusing on the Proposal Development module, we point out some differences -- in "look and feel" and in functionality -- between Coeus and Kuali Coeus.

Tools and How-tos

The technical team is continuing to adjust Kuali Coeus configurations to work best for UMB, in particular regarding responsiveness and attachment issues. In addition, we are working on the approval workflow, which does not always progress in a logical manner. Please continue to contact your SPA team with questions and concerns as we move forward.

Latest advice and hints:

  • Logging out: Are you using the IE browser?  If you are, you will need to manually remove the cookies from your browser before someone else can log into Kuali Coeus using your machine.  If you are using FireFox or Chrome, you will need to Quit (close) the browser completely, then re-open it before someone else can use your machine.
  • Address Book edits and new entries must be done centrally. The "permissions" that allow a user to create a new Address Book entry are so very different than the Coeus Rolodex permissions that we must restrict this role to specified users. Please use the Address Book Entry Request for new or updated entries.
  • Attachment names must not contain any spaces or special characters. Example:  UniversityOfMaryland2014.pdf

More Help

help iconHelp with Kuali Coeus software questions: In addition to the resources in this section, look for the in-application help icon within your Kuali Coeus proposal. This icon links to an online manual that, though not UMB-specific, provides context-sensitive detail about the software. If you still need assistance, please contact your department administrator or your SPA team.

Assistance with Proposal Development: If you have a proposal question that is not directly related to Kuali Coeus such as Sponsor application guidelines or preparing a proposal budget, go to the SPA website, or contact your department administrator or your SPA team.

Technical Help: Contact DL-CITS COEUS Report A Problem and identify the Proposal # (preferred) or document number when reporting a technical issue.

The ASC Help Desk is also available to address technical, password, portal, and system access issues. Phone: 410-706-HELP