Kuali Coeus User Roles

UMB user roles in Kuali Coeus are designed to provide the access to modules and records needed to support research administration and proposal development tasks.

UMB Principal Investigator (PI): May create a new proposal, make changes to that proposal, and add attachments

Department Pre-award: For a specific UMB unit or units, may create a proposal for a PI or adds information and narrative attachments to proposals initiated by a PI; can view and work on all proposals in the unit(s)

Department Post-award: For a specific UMB unit or units, view access to all Kuali Coeus modules (Proposal Development, Institute Proposal, Negotiation, Award, Subcontract)

Approver: Is part of the work flow for proposal approval for a unit and will view and approve (or reject) proposals that are submitted into routing

In addition, school and central administration users may request Kuali Coeus roles in keeping with their responsibilities. These roles are:

  • Viewer (e.g., Office of the President, EHS, Office of Technology Transfer)
  • Dean's Research Office
  • SPA
  • CCT
  • SPAC