Kuali Coeus at UMB

Gaining Access to Kuali Coeus

All Kuali Coeus Users must have a UMB Employee ID or must be Affiliates entered in the UMB Community System with a request for Kuali Coeus access. Access to Kuali Coeus is via the myUM Portal. After logging on to myUM, you will find a link for Kuali Coeus on the left hand side.

About Kuali Coeus roles

User Roles Request - add roles for a new user in Kuali Coeus

Change a User's role(s) or unit(s) - request changes to existing Kuali Coeus user roles. Please use this request to add or remove roles or to update unit access. To inactivate a User who is no longer at UMB or who no longer requires Kuali Coeus access, please email your request to Janet Simons and Song Yu.

Other Kuali Coeus Requests

Address Book Entry Request - Add non-UMB persons, such as sponsor contacts, subrecipient investigators, consultants.

New Sponsor Request – Request that a new Sponsor be added in Kuali Coeus

New Organization Request– Request that a new Subcontractor/Other Organization be added in Kuali Coeus.

Proposal Approver Updates – To request an update to a unit’s approval map, please send an email describing the changes.

Email Distribution List Updates – To update the email distribution lists used by SPA and SPAC, please send an email describing the changes.