About ISO

Sponsored by the University Student Government Association (USGA); the International Students Organization (ISO) of the University of Maryland, Baltimore has been formed out of the need for more interaction between International students on the campus.

The aim of the ISO is to establish a platform where all international students and Americans can meet and engage in some social activities. We want all the different cultures represented on our campus to be able to share their different backgrounds, cultures and establish friendship.

Usually, most of our activities are open to everybody, but sometimes we may have member-only functions such as meetings. There will also be a minimal fee to cover up our costs each time an activity is organized.

To become a member of the ISO, please email us at iso@umaryland.edu or click here or contact any member of the executive committee giving us your name, email, phone number, school or department, and country of origin.

There are sub-groups under the ISO which promote activities and interaction between students of a specific country or region. Some of the sub-groups are the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) and the Indian Association (IA).