Who Qualifies

Students must meet the following requirements to qualify for the Interprofessional Service Project Funding Initiative:

  • The activity must be open to students in all of the schools at the University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • The activity must provide a direct service to a underserved population
  • The organization must complete and submit the online Interprofessional Service Funding application
  • The organization must comply with the bank account requirements
  • All signature authorities receiving funds must complete the annual Finance Training. Violations of this rule will result in organizational funds being frozen until the organization comes into compliance
  • Student organizations should not charge membership fees.  If a fee is charge, explanation of how fee is allocated is required
  • A new organization may not apply for funding until they have been in existence for at least one (1) academic year
  • Organizations must have ten (10) active members in order to receive Interprofessional Service Funding. Groups may be required to provide verification by means of a separate list of member and their email addresses. It is at the discretion of Allocations Committee to contact the active members shown on the list by email to verify membership status. A report shall be given to the Allocations Committee stating confirmation of ten UMB students having affirmatively responding that they are active members of the group
  • Complete the Project Evaluation, Financial Report, compile all event receipts, and bring to the post-event meeting.  Failure to complete this step will disqualify the student group from applying for Service Funds in the future
  • The organization must be in good standing with its school and/or USGA
  • Preference will be given to student organizations comprised of students from 3 or more UMB schools who provide services to underserved/marginalized groups

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