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President's Student Leadership Institute (PSLI)

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Application deadline is September 12, 2014.

Please contact ISLSI (410) 706-7438 if you have any questions regarding the program. 

Program Description

The President’s Student Leadership Institute (PSLI) is a self-driven certificate program focused on exposing UMB student leaders (or aspiring student leaders) to contemporary issues in leadership in order to prepare participants for professional leadership in a diverse and global society. PSLI aims to bring students at different levels of leadership development from various schools on campus together to learn and/or enhance skills necessary for leadership on- and off-campus. This program will utilize a series of seminars and exposure to service learning to support the learning outcome of intra- and inter- competence through an emphasis on Self Development; Personal and Professional Management; Communication; Critical Thinking; Strategic Planning; Working with Others; Diversity; and Service Learning. Upon completion of PSLI graduates will receive a certificate and the President's Interprofessional honor cord.

PSLI Candidates will be responsible for completing 30 hours of service independently, taking 4 core sessions and 5 elective seminars in their chosen track. Additionally, candidates will submit a reflection paper in April as an opportunity to reflect on the learning over the course of the year.

You can see the 2014-2015 PSLI Schedule here!

PSLI Concentration Tracks

We are excited to announce the Professional Development Concentration Tracks for PSLI. When you apply to become a PSLI candidate, you will be asked to choose a Track in which to concentrate your learning. Please see some of the course offerings below to make a determination as to which track you would be interested if granted admission.

Career Development Track

This track offers students with the opportunity to develop themselves as distinguished professionals in their field; we will be offering seminars that will help to get hired and stay successful: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI); LinkedIn Trainings; Networking Skills; Public Speaking; Developing your personal brand; Presenting at National Conferences. 

Cultural Competence Track

The Cultural Competence track is a concentration that those concerned with working competently with a diverse array of individuals in their profession. We will offer seminars that will cover some of the following topics: Safe Space Training; Leading in a diverse society; Community Engagement - tips; Assessment of Your Cultural Competence.

Effective Leadership Track

As a professional, one should strive to be effective. The Effective Leadership track covers a wide range of topics suitable for future leaders. The topics that will be covered include the following: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders; Building Consensue; Moral and Ethical Leadership; Civil Professionals; Happy Leaders.

Wellness Track

Healthy and wellbeing should be a priority in a leader's life. This is why we created a Wellness Track for PSLI candidates. We believe it is imporant to strike a balance in life and career. It is by being a well leader that one can be a good leader! Some of the course offerings through this track include the following: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life; Instant Calm; Building Resilience; Achieving Goals; Managing Stress and Anxiety.


Upon completion of the program, students will be invited to a Student Leadership Awards and Recognition Ceremony. All campus leaders will be invited to attend, regardless of PSLI affiliation. This ceremony will recognize PSLI program graduates; as well as, recognize outstanding student groups on campus.  President Perman will be in attendance to present certificates to PSLI graduates and university-wide student group leaders.