Veteran Service Initiatives

After many years of honorable service in the military, our service members of recent conflicts are returning to civilian life and are pursuing their careers through higher education.  Veteran Students are a unique and diverse population. The majority of service members have extensive training, high level of discipline and motivation, and leadership skills. Conversely, upon returning home, some veterans experience combat-induced PTSD and other mental health challenges that make education a challenge. Student Veterans a unique group for whom UMB intends to provide support services.

Dedicated programming for student veterans has emerged as a necessity in higher education; when transitioning out of the military, service members are seeing education as a way to help them reintegrate to the civilian lifestyle.  UMB is committed to become a premiere professional institution that welcomes students from the military community.

List of Events

  • Veterans Orientation
    University of Maryland, Baltimore is hosting its first Veterans Orientation to welcome and orient other Military affiliated students to campus on Monday, September 9 from noon until 2:00pm in the SMC Campus Center 3rd floor, Room 351. Student Vets will have an opportunity to meet other Military affiliated students, representatives from each of the Schools on campus, and staff from Campus Life Services that provide support services to students while on campus.  Please register if you are interested in attending.  For any questions, please contact Reina Arai Pomeroy ( or 410-706-743
    >> Register here
  • Veterans Service Event
    Nov. 2013
    Baltimore, MD
    Student Veterans and other Military Affiliated Students will be running a service project to benefit the Baltimore Community in honor of Veterans Day.
  • Fall Veterans Networking Event
    Nov. 2013, Date TBD
    Time TBD | Location TBD
    In honor of Veterans Day, we will be celebrating our Veterans on campus! Stop by to network with other Student Vets and Military Affiliated Students, Staff and Faculty!
  • Spring Veterans Networking Event
    March 2014, Date TBD
    Time TBD | Location TBD
    Stop by to network with other student vets, and military affiliated students, as well as other staff, faculty and students! It’s a great time to test out your networking skills and expand your professional circle.
  • Veteran Speaker Event
    Feb. 2014, Date TBD
    Time TBD | Location TBD
    A speaker from the Military Community will join us and help us to make UMB a more Veteran and military friendly campus.
  • Support Group Events
    All Year Long
    Student Veterans will gather and create a lively support group for issues that they may experience. From transitioning into civilian life, balancing family and school, work, finding a job, veterans can be a strong support network for each other. This group meets once a month.