Cultural Competence Institute

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Program Description

The Cultural Competence Institute (CCI) strives to develop professionals that embrace diversity, multiculturalism, and respectful attitudes towards groups that are different from their own through in-depth discussions, civic engagement, and educational workshops. This program brings students, faculty, and staff together for dynamic conversations about various topics including race, poverty, religion, gender inequality, sexual orientation, and much more in order to cultivate stronger cultural competence among professionals in a global and multifaceted society. Enhancing awareness, educating, developing skills and cultural sensitivity are all key components to of CCI!

Program Requirements

Students will be asked to fulfill the following requirements within the 2013 – 2014 academic year in order to complete the program:

  • Participate in one (1) monthly seminars per month
  • Participate in five (5) ISLSI approved Diversity Celebrations
  • Participate in four (4) service-learning projects
  • Participate in one (1) Poverty Stimulation
  • Participate in one (1) Team Building Off-Campus Excursion
  • Complete and submit a reflection essay

Upon completion of the program, students will be recognized for their service efforts and commitment to cultural competence with a Cultural Competence Certificate of Achievement in April 2014.