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Minutes for General Body Meeting May 29, 2009

Minutes for General Meeting May 29, 2009

1.    Call to Order

2.    Attendance

3.    Elections
    a)  Elections chaired by Ms. Preeta Dasgupta (President, Indian Association), and Mr. Ravi Kona (General Secretary, Indian Association)
    b)  Rules for the elections were read from the constitution.
    c)  Nominations for the post of secretary, vice-president and president were called
    d) Dr. Narasimharao Nalabothula nominated and elected unopposed for secretary, Dr. Joseph Roche nominated and elected unopposed for vice-president, and Dr. Mohan Tulapurkar nominated and elected unopposed for President. 
    e) Three elected officers conferred in private and unanimously selected Dr. Ashyk Sykander for captaincy and Dr. Vinay Jagadeesha for vice-captaincy. 
    f)  The three newly elected board members put forward their selection to the general body and the selection was approved unanimously.

4.    Review of reimbursement policy for carpooling
    a)The reimbursement policy that was passed at the general body meeting on 3/20/2009 was reviewed.  The general body agreed unanimously that the amount collected as membership fee is not enough to reimburse individuals      who   drive for games against other teams.  Therefore, reimbursements will be made on a personal basis and not from club funds.  Those who ride for practice games and matches will be requested to share the cost of gas with the person giving them a ride.  Those who have vehicles are encouraged to please consider helping those who do not have vehicles to get to the ground for practice and matches against other teams. 
b) Club funds will be used to purchase cricketing supplies as discussed on 3/20/09, and for purchasing light refreshments for practice sessions, matches, and general body meetings.

5.  Next GB meeting scheduled to be held in August 2009. Meeting adjourned

Minutes of Previous meetings:

1) Minutes for General Body Meeting March 20, 2009


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