Graduation and Retention Rates

Undergraduate Program Graduation Rates

Principal Professional Program Graduation Rates


The University of Maryland, Baltimore has undergraduate programs in the disciplines of nursing, dental hygiene, and medical and research technology. Graduation rates for all undergraduate degree programs regardless of duration and student attendance status are calculated and reported on the basis of gender and race. Students deemed Pell Eligible are also reported.

The Office of Institutional Research and Accountability calculates and reports graduation rates of principal professional practice programs that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Students are enrolled primarily full time.
  • Programs are practice-oriented.
  • Students follow a largely predetermined course of study of at least two years' duration.
  • Programs typically have entering cohorts of at least 50 students.

The graduation threshold for undergraduate programs is 150 percent of time to degree, consistent with graduation rates typically reported for undergraduate programs enrolling first-time freshmen. Three graduation rates are reported for principal professional practice programs:

  • 100 percent of time to degree or on-time graduation.
  • 150 percent of time to degree or graduation within a period of time equivalent to the standard length of the program plus half.
  • Eventual graduation or graduation by the end of the last term included in the data included in the analysis regardless of the entering cohort year.

 Graduation Rates are updated and published each summer after the spring graduation data is available.