Starting on July 15, 2013 you will ONLY be able to use your
UMID to log into all UMID-authenticated applications,
including those listed here:

  • myUM Portal
  • Google Apps @UMaryland
  • Blackboard
  • MediaSite
  • Vibe
  • iTunes University
  • Accellion Secure File Transfer
  • eUM Applications (HRMS, Financials, RAVEN) via myUM Portal
  • Library Resources
  • Campus Wireless/VPN
  • myUM Mail

The UMID is a unique username created by the user on the UMB Account Management Site -

Starting on July 15, 2013, the following alternate usernames WILL NO LONGER WORK for the systems listed above:

  • 6-digit Employee ID 
  • 9-digit Student ID (starting with "@")
  • 6-digit Affiliate ID (starting with "A")
  • 14-digit Customer Number (starting with "22001")

For additional information about the UMID, as well as how to find it, click here -

For the current list of UMID-authenticated applications, click here -

If your email is through our myUM Mail system - - you will need to use your UMID to login. 

If you access that system through a client - Outlook, or MacMail, or an iPhone, iPad, or Android device -
you may need to reconfigure your client to use your UMID.

For details on updating several of the most common email clients, click here -